What Are Genetic Markers Role in Mental Health?

What Are Genetic Markers Role in Mental Health?

Many people don’t know the term “genetic markers” because it doesn’t come up in everyday conversation. It might surprise them to learn that genetic markers play a big role in their lives. However, what are genetic markers role in mental health?

About Genetic Markers

Before getting into the link between genetic markers and mental health disorders, it’s important to know more about them. In short, they’re a chain of DNA. In fact, scientists use them to trace the location of specific chromosomes. Then, they can link the location of these chromosomes to specific traits in individuals.
Genetic markers demonstrate polymorphism. This term basically means the markers are different in different organisms. Moreover, they can even differ within the same species.
What Are Genetic Markers role in Mental Health
While this might sound hard to follow, blood type is a classic example of this concept. All humans have and need blood to live. However, not everyone has the same blood type despite the fact that humans are all members of the same species. Therefore, what are genetic markers role in mental health?

Exactly What Are Genetic Markers Role in Mental Health?

Despite this basic understanding of genetic markers, it doesn’t really connect the role that they play in mental health. Genetic markers have many different applications. One of these is the ability to trace the inheritance of traits. For example, it includes tracing everything from eye color to diseases such as mental health issues.
Knowing which genome plays a role in the inheritance of certain trains can help scientists understand these traits better. In fact, some experts say that using genetic makers can make the diagnosis of mental disorders easier. Others also believe that it can help in terms of mental health treatment. That’s why understanding what are genetic markers role in mental health is so important.

Are Genetics the Only Factors in the Development of Mental Disorders?

Scientist link mental disorders with genetics, but they also believe that other factors play a role. In fact, environmental factors are a major one that can affect the development of a mental health disorder.
Consider people who go to war, for instance. Many of them return with problems such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. While certain genes might make them more susceptible, their environment brought on these disorders.

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