Types of Opioids

Types of Opioids

The ramifications of drug abuse can affect virtually every aspect of a person’s life. However, understanding these effects can go a long way toward helping people get the treatment they deserve. The information below will deal specifically with various types of opioids and the problems these drugs can cause.

What are Opioids?

Specifically, opioids are a class of drugs that are commonly used to treat chronic pain. Opioid medications have a strong effect on specific brain receptors. Moreover, this results in a feeling of relaxation or pleasure. These same feelings are what can lead to a potential opioid abuse situation.

What are the Different Types of Opioids?

types of opioids
Many people are not aware that there are several different types of opioids. For example, the list below describes these distinct classifications of opioid drugs that can lead to opioid withdrawal.

Natural Opioids

Natural opioids are made from the poppy plant. Furthermore, this plant contains naturally-existing compounds that are effective at fighting chronic pain. Codeine is an example of a natural opioid medication.

Semi-Synthetic Opioids

Semi-synthetic opioids are partially man-made in a laboratory setting. In fact, the lab begins with natural opioid compounds and adds various chemicals to form a different type of drug. Oxycodone is a well-known type of semi-synthetic opioid drug.

Fully Synthetic Opioids

Fully synthetic opioids are completely man-made in a laboratory from various chemical components. In addition, there are no naturally occurring opioid compounds in this subclass. Fully synthetic opioids include methadone and tramadol.

Why are Opioids Problematic?

All of the types of opioids mentioned above are problematic for several reasons. For example, opioids tend to remain in use for a considerable amount of time. This allows time for a person’s body to become accustomed to their effects. Secondly, the very pleasurable sensations that result from these drugs can lead to a chemical dependency for some individuals. As a result, it’s very common for many people to become addicted to opioid painkillers.

Is a Loved One Suffering from Addiction?

Watching a loved one suffer from the negative effects of addiction is never easy. However, remain positive and hopeful that a full recovery is possible. Help your loved one locate the proper treatment center that’s best suited for his or her needs.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Abuse

Considering professional treatment for opioid abuse can be overwhelming for many people. However, opioid or codeine addiction treatment is an essential part of recovering from these life-altering problems. It’s important to evaluate each treatment facility to see how they’ve helped others recover from similar issues in the past. Moreover, an excellent and trustworthy facility will be happy to share the strategies that have helped other people gain a new lease on life.

Silver Pines Treatment Center

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