Substance Abuse Treatment Methods

Substance Abuse Treatment Methods

Kicking a drug habit isn’t easy. Moreover, it also doesn’t happen with a one-size-fits-all approach. For a recovery that’s as unique as you are, complete customization of substance abuse treatment methods is vital.

Embracing the Opportunity for Lasting Change

The goal of evidence-based substance abuse treatment methods is healing. However, not everyone’s addiction is the same. As a result, people need different modalities. Examples include:
substance abuse treatment methods
These are some of the standard treatments that you find at most rehab centers. What makes them suitable is the ease with which therapists can adapt them to your needs. Group therapy, for example, may consist of peers in the same spot as you. A facilitator helps direct discussions to find solutions.
However, others do better with process groups. Here, the outcome isn’t as important as how you get there. It’s all about using coping skills and developing interpersonal skills. Furthermore, you work in the group setting that meets your needs.

How an Intake Counselor Determines the Right Substance Abuse Treatment Methods

The intake interview is one of the most important conversations you’ll have. The counselor will ask you about your drug abuse history. In addition, they’ll also want to know about your living situation, family, and health. Next, you undergo a medical evaluation.
Depending on your intake interview, you may need to undergo detoxification before entering rehab. High-quality facilities offer both at the same location. Pharmacological support helps with cravings, comfort, and pain. In fact, you don’t have to hurt when you quit using.
When you’re ready for rehab, it’s time to plan for your therapies. Your therapist helps you find the right modalities. They’ll put you in the types of groups and settings that’ll benefit you the most. For some, this might include treatment or a dual diagnosis of a co-occurring mental health disorder.
An assessment at intake will tell you if you fall into this category. You might also undergo trauma treatment if you have an unresolved situation from the past that influences you. For some, doing so is essential to recovery. Moreover, as you progress, you might go into different settings to support your personal growth.

Getting the Help You Need Now

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