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Residential Treatment Centers in PA

Residential Treatment Centers in PA

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports more than 20 million Americans need substance abuse treatment today. Therefore, rehab provides a structured process and environment for your best chance of sobriety. In residential treatment centers in PA, your life or that of someone you love starts over with freedom from substance abuse.

What to Expect from Residential Treatment Centers in PA

Your time in residential treatment centers in PA includes a highly structured daily schedule. In fact, idle time leads to many problems, if you let it. This holds especially true in regard to substance abuse. Therefore, regaining structure in rehab enables you to adopt a healthy routine for a more productive future.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that residential treatment provides your best chance for lasting recovery. These programs give you the most structure while also teaching you about your addiction and what you need for a healthier daily life. Moreover, you also gain important coping skills for dealing with your triggers and temptations.
However, what can you expect from your daily life in residential treatment centers in Pennsylvania?

A Day in Your Life in Rehab

As previously said, expect structure from rehab. At first, you miss being in control of your own time, but that quickly wears off. Furthermore, you soon see how productive and positive you are with a set routine. You start enjoying the structure and think of ways to adopt it at home for continued success.
The structure of residential treatment centers in PA serves many clear purposes. Through structure, you avoid boredom and going back to old ways of your substance abuse. The structure of daily life in rehab includes a range of therapies and activities, so you always have something to do.
You eat breakfast with peers in recovery each day. Morning meal time allows you to start each day with people who relate to you. In fact, they walk the same path as you do. You relearn how to foster healthy relationships and even gain new friendships that can last a lifetime.
After breakfast, you usually attend some type of therapy. This therapy includes individual counseling, group therapy, or family therapy. For example, in individual counseling, you meet one-on-one with a therapist, discussing your innermost concerns and needs. These sessions last anywhere from half an hour to one and a half hours.
Around noon, you eat lunch with your peers. An afternoon group therapy or other counseling usually takes place after lunch. Group gives you time among peers in recovery, with each of you learning from others. In addition, you also practice maintaining relationships and supporting others, as much as you gain that same support.
After an afternoon break, you may take part in an outdoor or holistic therapy. In these therapies, you find joy in your recovery. You gain new skills while doing activities like yoga or physical fitness.
After dinner, you usually attend an evening group or support session. You also enjoy some personal time, during which you read, write in your journal, or complete homework provided by your therapist. Your rest is important for wellness. Therefore, most rehabs enforce a “lights out” time for bed.

Hazleton, PA Treatment for Your Addiction

Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, PA provides the residential rehab you need for strong, lasting recovery. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, you adopt a daily schedule easily kept for maximum productivity at home. For example, you gain the life skills, coping skills, and knowledge you need for a real chance of a brighter future.

Silver Pines Treatment Center sits in a secluded, wooded setting. The center provides a cozy, home-like atmosphere for working on your sobriety. Specifically, addiction treatment programs at Silver Pines Treatment Center include:

You deserve a strong recovery and better future. That opportunity exists at Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center now at 267.719.8689 for more information about our life-changing programs.

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