Six Signs of Meth Use: Physical and Behavioral [Infographic]

Six Signs of Meth Use: Physical and Behavioral [Infographic]

Methamphetamine abuse is a common concern across the United States today. However, you can receive the treatment you need by recognizing common signs of meth use that often lead to addiction. What is methamphetamine and how can you develop an addiction so quickly?

What is Methamphetamine?

Specifically, methamphetamine is a synthetic, central nervous system stimulant in the amphetamine family of drugs. It can be taken orally, smoked, inhaled, or injected. This is an extremely dangerous substance that is very addictive. Moreover, it can complicate your life with physical and mental illness.
Six signs of meth use.

Three Behavioral Signs of Meth Use

There are many behavioral signs of meth use that you may recognize in someone you love. For example these include lifestyle changes, paranoia, and anxiety or depression.
Meth use often leads to lifestyle changes such as secretive behavior, financial problems, and poor work or school performance. When someone begins using meth, they will spend an increasing amount of time searching for and spending money on the substance. This cycle will become their main concern in life once the drug begins to take control.
Paranoia is also a common sign of meth use. In fact, methamphetamine alters normal functioning in the limbic system of your brain. This system processes emotions such as anger and fear. Therefore, one of the most common signs of meth use is when a user begins to develop paranoia, and violent or aggressive behavior.
Meth use causes the brain to release more dopamine than it does naturally. After regular meth use, the user’s brain will begin to rely on the methamphetamine, being unable to produce normal amounts of dopamine on its own. This leads to depression and anxiety and an inability to handle negative emotions.

Three Physical Signs of Meth Use

Outside of behavioral concerns, there are many physical signs of meth use. The most common and noticeable sign is what is known as “meth mouth.” For example, meth abusers regularly struggle with dry mouth, jaw clenching, joint pain, bad breath, and low saliva production.
Another common occurrence in methamphetamine users is known as “meth bugs.” Meth use causes individuals to incessantly pick at or scratch their skin. Furthermore, this can lead to open wounds and the risk of infection.
General signs of meth use include a rapid heart rate and rising body temperature. In addition, binging on meth can make these concerns even worse, often leading to hyperthermia and convulsions.

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