Co-Occurring Psychological Disorders

Co-Occurring Psychological Disorders

Quite often, individuals who are struggling with substance abuse disorders also struggle with co-occurring psychological disorders. This is called dual diagnosis. In the event that two such disorders exist, it’s essential that treatment involve care for both disorders on an individual basis.

An example of a co-occurring psychological disorder is struggling with alcoholism as well as a mental illness like bipolar disorder or chronic depression. Coexisting disorders are extremely common and often create a “chicken or the egg” situation in which it can be difficult to tell which came first.

How are addictions diagnosed?

psychological disorders

Medical professionals can diagnose a serious drug or alcohol addiction problem when substance abuse clashes with the individual’s ability to carry out daily responsibilities at school or work and within relationships. Other symptoms of a serious substance abuse problem include the inability to control substance use, heightened tolerance, and the appearance of withdrawal symptoms when individuals stop using drugs or alcohol.

How can professional treatment help?

When people receive an addiction diagnosis, they can feel overwhelmed and even scared. A professional treatment center can help. At the best treatment centers, dual diagnosis treatment is a key service.

During this process, a team of expert addiction specialists assess and analyze the individual to check for co-occurring psychological disorders. Often, these include mood disorders, such as severe anxiety or chronic depression. Diagnosis of these psychological disorders will depend on the symptoms that the individual is experiencing.

Getting Treatment at Silver Pines Treatment Center for Psychological Disorders

If you or a loved one has been struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you feel that you may have a co-occurring psychological disorder, you need professional treatment to recover. Silver Pines Treatment Center is located in a beautiful, woodsy area Near Hazleton, Pennsylvania. We serve residents near Hazleton, Scranton, and in the surrounding area.

Our treatment center offers detox as well as residential care so that you can fully recover from any type of addiction. In addition to the detox services, therapy, and counseling services that we offer, we also have additional amenities available to our clients. These include:

We feel that these amenities make the treatment process more enjoyable. Additionally, they help us take a holistic approach to drug and alcohol and treatment. This ensures that our clients receive treatment as a whole person. 

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If you’re seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction or if you’re hoping to help a friend or family member with an addiction, call us today to learn more about the programs that we offer. One of our knowledgeable and confidential addiction specialists would be happy to speak with you about your situation and circumstances.

Anyone can recover from addiction, and it’s never too late to begin. Call us today at 267.209.7313 to begin addiction treatment.

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