Narcotics Definition

Narcotics Definition

Narcotic drugs are among some of the more common forms of abusive substances in the United States. In fact, drug abuse is an alarming problem that affects well over 23 million Americans on an annual basis. In understanding the depth of this issue, we need to properly establish the correct narcotics definition. Therefore, we need to understand the signs of narcotics abuse. By performing these two steps, you’ll be able to identify an existing problem.

What is the Narcotics Definition?

In understanding the devastating effects that can accompany drug abuse, we must establish a proper narcotics definition. In fact, narcotics are in the opioid class of painkilling drugs. As with other opioids, narcotics have a strong effect on certain areas of the brain, resulting in relief from pain and a sense of euphoric pleasure. However, due to these pleasurable effects, it’s easy for many people to develop an addiction.
narcotics definition

What are the Signs of Narcotics Abuse?

The abuse of narcotics can create many bothersome side effects. For example, the list below explains several common side effects.

Digestive Problems

Opioid medications slow down the digestive process. As a result, a person abusing these types of drugs may experience regular bouts of nausea, vomiting, or constipation.

Decrease in Vital Signs

Due to the strong depressant effects of opioid medications, it’s common for those abusing these drugs to see a decrease in their vital signs. This means their heart rate, breathing pattern, and blood pressure may be too low.

Dizziness or Fainting Spells

Due to a depressant effect on the vital organs of the body, a person abusing narcotics may also experience lightheadedness or dizziness. Moreover, if this sensation becomes severe enough, the person can pass out.

Physical Tolerance

Physical tolerance to an addictive substance is one of the most common precipitating factors that can lead to addiction. Tolerance simply means the person has grown accustomed to the effects created by the narcotics. Furthermore, with future uses of the drug, they’ll need to consume more to experience these effects. Tolerance, in time, greatly raises the risk of a serious addiction.

Why is Seeking Professional Treatment Essential to Recovery?

Now that we’ve established the proper narcotics definition, we can speak about ways to support your loved one while you seek professional help. Specifically, most people who develop a problem with addiction require professional treatment to overcome it. However, this does not indicate the person is weak. It simply testifies to the complexity of addiction issues.
Professional rehab centers are equipped with the latest therapeutic interventions that can bring about a full recovery. For example, mindfulness therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy can prove useful in helping people overcome their addiction.
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