Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019

Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019

Alcohol dependence is a condition that permeates all parts of society. It isn’t something that only happens to other people. Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019 seeks to break down barriers to communication. How will it affect you this year?

Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 Empowers You

April is the month that organizers set aside for these discussions. Do you suspect that a friend or family member struggles with a drinking problem? Use the month of April as a catalyst for more in-depth talks. When you arm yourself with information about detoxification and alcoholism treatment, you can offer solutions.
Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 in PA

Gauge Your Own Alcohol Use During Alcohol Awareness Month

You might have suspected for a while that your drinking isn’t normal. Maybe you’ve been waking up and experiencing the shakes. You recognize them as withdrawal symptoms. Consider Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019 as an opportunity to connect with a rehab facility.

Ask questions about the treatment model. Because you know that quitting cold turkey rarely succeeds, you want assistance with detox and clinical care. Work with a facility that offers both at the same location. It makes treatment much more convenient.

After you finish detoxification, the rehab portion of treatment starts. For example, possible modalities you learn about during Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment that curbs cravings overall
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which gives you the tools to change the way you respond to stressors
  • Dual diagnosis care for depression or anxiety, which may have triggered alcohol abuse
  • Experiential therapies that encourage self-esteem building as well as social skills development
  • Psychotherapy as an opportunity to learn more about your ways of coping with stress, fear, and disappointment

Family therapy brings in loved ones. They learn how to assist you with your goal of recovery. Similarly, you may have to do some relationship mending. In cases of codependency, therapists help you begin the process of resolving the issue.

Preventing Relapse During Alcohol Awareness Month

Once you graduate from the program, you continue to work on your long-term recovery. Relapse prevention is an integral part of the treatment to prepare you for this time. It begins as soon as you enter rehab. Initially, you focus on protecting early sobriety. You learn about the importance of continuing mental health treatments for co-occurring conditions. Similarly, you might need to continue relationship counseling after treatment. Almost everyone benefits from attending support group meetings. There, you receive peer support and benefit from mutual accountability.

Get Help While You’re Thinking About It

Make Alcohol Awareness Month in 2019 the occasion for reaching out. Whether you need to talk to loved ones or need help for yourself, the Silver Pines Treatment Center can assist. Call 267.209.7313 today.

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