Women’s Rehab Centers

Women’s Rehab Centers

Are you considering women’s rehab centers for your addiction treatment? If so, you don’t stand alone. In fact, most women prefer gender-specific housing and rehab as part of a quality addiction treatment program. Through women’s rehab, you gain the focus and support you need for your strongest chance of lasting recovery.

Women’s Rehab Centers Meet Specific Needs of Women

Drug addiction doesn’t discriminate. However, how women and men get into substance abuse differs. Women experience unique risk factors, environmental cues, triggers, and influences in their addiction. They also gain better recovery when they feel supported and understood in treatment.

National studies prove men and women abuse drugs differently. Moreover, their disease of addiction also affects them differently. These differences intrigue researchers. They also led to the development of gender-specific rehab programs, such as the treatment at women’s rehab centers.

Only since the 1980s have scientists known women and men experience addiction differently. Until that time, all treatment suited male needs. Furthermore, studies of males set the standards for past rehabs. This left many women out in the cold, in regard to issues specific to women in addiction.

In recent years, residential rehab programs focus more on women’s unique needs. Specifically, women’s rehab centers provide a greater understanding of societal expectations of women and how this affects their substance abuse. Women also feel more comfortable gaining treatment among female peers, without the distraction of males. In fact, women feel free in a discussion of what led them into substance abuse during gender-specific therapy.

How Women Differ from Men in Addiction

Women start abusing drugs or alcohol at later ages than men. They experience less exposure to these substances, but they usually gain an introduction to substance abuse by males. For example, boyfriends and other male influences more often provide women with their first pathway into addiction, versus other females.

Women also tend to differ from men in the depth of their addiction. Women become addicted more quickly to the same drugs as men. Furthermore, they also relapse at higher rates than men after rehab. Women suffer more health effects of addiction, as well as more consequences in their careers, relationships, and finances.

Females respond to drugs differently than men, too. In fact, scientists now study why these differences occur. Some believe brain chemistry and women’s sex hormones influence women being more likely to suffer addiction to certain drugs. For example, drugs women more frequently abuse include meth and cocaine.

Rehab for Women Near Scranton, PA

Near Scranton and just outside of Hazleton, PA, Silver Pines Treatment Center provides rehab for women. This rehab includes dual diagnosis help for mental health treatment. Housing at Silver Pines Treatment Center is gender-specific, cozy, and home-like in a peaceful, woodsy setting.
In addition, addiction treatment programs at Silver Pines Treatment Center include:

If you or a woman you love needs help for addiction with or without a co-occurring condition of mental illness, that help exists at Silver Pines Treatment Centers. Call us now at 267.209.7313 for more information about available programs. Don’t let your addiction control your life any longer.

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