Healthcare Professional Addiction Treatment Center

Healthcare Professional Addiction
Treatment Center

Around 10% of the population in the US use or abuse drugs. Unfortunately, that population includes healthcare professionals – such as doctors and nurses – at about the same rate. Of course, there is more at stake when healthcare professionals abuse drugs. Not only do they put patients at risk, but they also endanger their own careers. Substance abuse is one of the grounds on which a doctor or nurse can lose their license. While some healthcare professionals don’t want help, many do want help resolving their substance use disorder. That group can benefit from treatment at a healthcare professional addiction treatment center. Before jumping into treatment centers, it’s helpful to understand some of the causes of addiction among healthcare pros.


Healthcare professionals, particularly emergency room and intensive care staff, endure substantial stress. They see awful injuries, incurable conditions, and death on a regular basis. That ongoing stress by itself can cause healthcare pros to drink too much or seek out sedatives.

That stress and witnessing injury and death can also make underlying conditions worse. Stress will often make depression or anxiety disorders even worse. Those underlying conditions can also drive substance abuse. Finally, healthcare professionals simply get more opportunities to access controlled substances.

Choosing a Healthcare Professional Addiction Treatment Center

You can find a healthcare professional addiction treatment center in most regions of the country. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want to travel out of state for treatment. If you live Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, you’ll look at Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs. They’re close to home and they’ll better understand what you need to retain your license.
If you can’t find a program close to home that specializes in healthcare professionals, you should still enter rehab. It’s almost always a requirement for retaining your license. Always select a center that offers a specific program for the drug you abuse.


If at all possible, select a healthcare professional addiction treatment center that offers on-site detox. On-site detox helps streamline your care because the detox staff can coordinate with rehab staff. So, for example, they can discuss dosages for any medication you receive for an anxiety disorder or for depression. It also allows for a smooth transition from detox into rehab because you don’t change facilities.


All healthcare professional rehab programs will offer certain core treatments and classes. For example, some of the most common treatments and classes include:

You may get a dual diagnosis for a substance use disorder and a mental health condition. In that case, you may receive additional therapies directed solely at the mental health condition. Managing substance abuse and managing a mental health condition often require different strategies. So, you need time to discuss them independently.

As a healthcare professional, you face special challenges and hurdles. You may need a longer rehab program to satisfy requirements from a medical board. You will also likely need extra treatments or education. For example, you might need a class on dealing with triggers in a healthcare setting.

Silver Pines Treatment Center

Silver Pines Treatment Center offers a comprehensive range of addiction treatment services. Moreover, Silver Pines focuses on providing a home-like atmosphere in combination with a holistic approach. We’re located in Northeastern, PA.
Don’t let addiction derail your professional or personal life. A quality rehab program can help you protect your healthcare career by helping you overcome addiction. Contact Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.719.8689, and we’ll help put your professional and personal life back on track.

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