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Psychoeducational Therapy Program

Psychoeducational Therapy

The psychoeducational therapy program at Silver Pines Treatment center provides education and resource for you if you are receiving mental health or substance abuse treatment. Through psychoeducation, we can help you better understand and live with your mental health condition. In addition, the more you know about your condition, the more empowered you will become to handle it.
Also, as part of our trauma therapy in Mahanoy City PA, psychoeducational therapy will address the difficulties that are associated with your mental health condition and help you feel more in control of your life. You will have a greater ability to work toward mental and emotional well-being.
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Learning About Your Mental Condition

You may not know much about your mental health condition. Therefore, you don’t know how to live with it. You may also have limited knowledge about the medications that your doctor has prescribed to you. A lot of the literature that is out there about your condition is too difficult to understand. Plus, much of the online information may not come from credible sources.

Our psychoeducational therapy program in Mahanoy City PA gives you access to credible, in-depth information from a highly-trained and experienced therapist. During your sessions, you have an opportunity to ask questions, talk about your concerns, and learn a lot about your mental health condition.

Psychoeducational Therapy Program Process

You can participate in both individual and group sessions. Each has its benefits. Individual therapy allows you to learn at your own pace and address specific issues one-on-one with your therapist. Group therapy will enable you to draw from others and to apply what you’ve learned based on everyone’s experiences.
You can gather information, get support for your treatment and medication, engage in training activities, and express your fears, frustrations, and even your anger. You can also expect to learn other things about your condition, such as:
  • How your condition impacts your daily life
  • How your medication works
  • What your family needs to know about your condition
  • Behavior management
  • Self-help techniques to manage your condition
  • How your support group can help you through your challenges
Your Silver Pines Treatment Center therapist can also provide endless resources, including books, credible websites, DVDs, CDs, and audiovisual materials. You will also have access to more than one type of session.

How Our Psychoeducational Therapy Program Helps You

Psychoeducational therapy is a great supplement to other types of treatment we offer, such as:
Combining treatments is a great way to help you address both your mental conditions and your drug or alcohol addiction. This form of therapy is known as dual diagnosis treatment. Once you learn more about your mental condition, you can discover how it triggers your dependency.

Enroll in Our Psychoeducational Therapy Program Today

Are you ready to learn more about your mental health condition? The psychoeducational therapy program at silver Pines Treatment Center can give you the education and resources you need to overcome your addiction and manage your condition. Call us today at [Direct] to find out more.
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