Tramadol Addiction Treatment Program

Tramadol Addiction Treatment

Tramadol is a narcotic pain reliever that you may know under the brand names Ultram or Conzip. In fact, it changes the way that your body sends pain signals to the brain. Like so many other opioids, it has strong addictive properties. However, here’s what you need to know about getting effective tramadol addiction treatment.

Tramadol Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

In the past, people thought this narcotic was safer than its counterparts. Almost daily, you would hear stories about oxycodone, hydrocodone, or fentanyl abuse. However, tramadol is risky to use as well. Due to its chemical makeup, it can lead to a euphoric high, which triggers its abuse potential. Moreover, health experts associate tramadol use with the development of serotonin syndrome. It’s a condition that results in agitation, muscle spasms, and an inability to control mobility. If you try to stop using the drug, you might encounter opioid withdrawal symptoms. That said, getting help for a pain pill addiction is possible.

Tramadol Addiction Treatment Starts with Detox

Specifically, you need to remove the chemical from your body. You can only do so by no longer taking the medication. What stops people from doing that is the fear of the withdrawal. For example, withdrawal includes depression, flu-like symptoms, severe cramping, and heart rate abnormalities. During the detoxification part of treatment, you overcome the physiological addiction. At a center, examples of modalities include:

Transition to Rehab for Relapse Prevention

After about a week, you break the physical hold the drug had on you. You can now function without bodily warnings that you haven’t had a pain pill in a while. However, you still have a psychological dependency to deal with. This is where rehab makes the difference. You work with a therapist who customizes a treatment approach for you. Furthermore, this expert will help you determine why you began using the drug for a high in the first place. You may learn that you’re struggling with a mental health condition you didn’t know about. Therefore, by managing it, you remove a catalyst for drug abuse. Maybe there’s a traumatic event in your life that you want to forget about. Varieties of therapies make it possible to deal with the situation. In addition, you learn how to process triggers appropriately. As a result, you no longer feel the need for numbing your central nervous system to keep memories at bay. For example, other modalities you might undergo include:

Look for the Right Facility

Most people in need of addiction treatment programs don’t want a large clinical setting. Look for a home-like atmosphere instead. Comfort and a structured treatment environment combine to create the right therapeutic backdrop for healing. You can find this level of care at Silver Pines Treatment Center. In fact, our experts provide tramadol addiction treatment that includes detoxification and rehab. We routinely help people just like you overcome an opioid painkiller dependency. Call 267.719.8689 to schedule an intake appointment today.
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