Molly Drug Addiction Rehab

Molly Drug Addiction Rehab

Molly was originally popular at nightclubs and dance parties. Now, though, it’s reached a larger user base of people who use the drug in order to alter their perception and mood. Although Molly might sound innocent by name, the truth is Molly drug use and addiction can be damaging. If you’re abusing Molly or you know someone who is, your health or life could be at risk, seeking a molly drug addiction rehab becomes increasingly important the more dependent the addiction is.
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Understanding Molly Drug Addiction

Molly is a nickname for MDMA. People usually take the drug as a pill, either in tablet or capsule form. However, it’s also possible to ingest it as a liquid or snort it as a powder.

No matter how people take Molly, the effects are the same. Molly users often experience increased energy, increased pleasure, and distortions in time and sensory perceptions. These effects happen because Molly increases the levels of certain brain chemicals. There are negative side effects of Molly use as well, including nausea, blurred vision, muscle cramping, sweating, and chills.

How Does Molly Drug Abuse Affect The Body?

People who take Molly may only experience side effects, good or bad, for a few hours. It’s not uncommon, though, for Molly users to take another dose once the first wears off.

Continuous abuse can lead to health problems, like depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and decreased appetite. These symptoms can start appearing if the user consistently abuses the drug for a week or more.

High doses of Molly can also be problematic. When people take more than necessary, their bodies lose the ability to regulate temperature. The drastic increase in temperature can lead to kidney, liver, or heart failure, which could result in death.

Molly users could also be putting themselves in more danger depending on who they get the drug from. Because Molly is a synthetic drug, people create the powder or pills. Some drug dealers will skip corners and offer use Molly that isn’t pure. This version can contain chemicals like cocaine or methamphetamine, which may interact poorly with Molly and cause serious health problems or death.

Even though there are huge health risks involved with abusing Molly, it’s unclear whether Molly is physically addictive. However, there are some users who reported experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they stopped using the substance. The symptoms they reported having include fatigue, depression, a decrease in appetite, and focusing problems.

You Should Seek Help For Your Molly Drug Abuse Problems

Even if Molly isn’t physically addictive, it’s still important to seek help if you’re abusing the drug. Any drug abuse is a sign that you could be struggling with problems that are keeping you from a sober life. It’s possible to address these issues and change your behaviors. You can’t do it alone, though.

Silver Pines Treatment Center can help you with your drug abuse problems. At our 50 bed facility, we offer comprehensive addiction treatment options and individualized care to all of our clients. We specifically tailor addiction treatment programs to help each client recover from their drug abuse problems. You’ll meet with therapists and other clients who will help you change your behaviors, become physically healthy, and build a new life in sobriety.

Molly drug abuse can lead to health issues. Don’t wait until Molly affects your life to ask for help. Silver Pines Treatment Center can help you work towards a sober life before your drug abuse habits cause serious problems. Call us today at 267.209.7313 to talk with someone about your addiction recovery options.

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