Lunesta Addiction Treatment Program

Lunesta Addiction Treatment

Many of us struggle with sleep problems. Thankfully, modern medicine offers some options for helping us get a good night’s sleep when we cannot do so on our own. But sometimes these helpful drugs create bigger problems, when used over the long term. If you suffer Ambien or Lunesta addiction, you can get the help you need through an Ambien or Lunesta addiction treatment program at Silver Pines Treatment Center.

Do I need a Lunesta Addiction Treatment Program?

When your doctor prescribed Lunesta, maybe you did not know the sleep medication is addictive. If you used it for the long term, you now experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to sleep without it. You find yourself stuck in the trap of addiction. The only way out of this trap is through addiction treatment at a quality rehab center, such as Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, PA.

Over time, people who abuse Lunesta typically change how they ingest the medication. Maybe you recognize some of these behaviors that indicate likely addiction. They include using the drug more often than needed, taking more than your prescribed dose, crushing the pills to snort them or using the drug without a doctor’s prescription.

Abusing substances like this makes you feel shame and guilt. But there is no shame in seeking help through an Ambien or Lunesta addiction treatment program. Instead, getting this help empowers you for a better life. Detox is the start of your journey, during which time you receive medically supervised care for your easiest withdrawal. Once you complete the withdrawal process and feel healthy again, your rehab treatment begins.

In Hazleton, you receive important therapies to understand your sleep problems and how you fell into addiction, in the first place. Your Lunesta and Ambien addiction therapy takes place among peers in recovery in your residential treatment program. Alongside these supportive people, you build life, relapse prevention and coping skills to keep you in healthy recovery throughout your life. Part of coping is learning how to sleep better without medications like Ambien and Lunesta.

What Addiction Treatment Includes

Lunesta addiction treatment includes a range of therapies. Through a solid mix of methods and approaches, you learn and grow in ways that work best for you as an individual. Some of the therapies used at Silver Pines Treatment Center include:

Because you need focus to gain strength in your recovery, residential treatment provides the best environment for long term sobriety success. At Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, you enjoy a secluded, woodsy environment for rebuilding your life without distractions. You also feel comfortable and secure in the cozy, home-like environment.

How Do I Start My Lunesta Addiction Treatment Program?

The first step in starting your Ambien or Lunesta sleep medication addiction treatment is easy. You take that step by simply calling Silver Pines Treatment Center to learn more about available programs. By talking to a caring intake specialist, you get to know how this treatment helps people just like you end their drug use for a better life. You also learn about detox and your daily routine in Hazleton residential rehab.

Take the right step for yourself, your future and your family. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center now at 267.209.7313. With this call, you regain some control over your life and can start living better days and nights through a Lunesta addiction treatment program.

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