Causes of Fentanyl Addiction

Causes of Fentanyl Addiction

Fentanyl can provide a number of important benefits for those experiencing serious health conditions that cause pain. However, drugs such as fentanyl can also result in a high risk for dependence or addiction issues. What is fentanyl? Moreover, what causes a fentanyl addiction to develop?
fentanyl addiction

What is Fentanyl?

In fact, fentanyl is a strong narcotic pain reliever that can be very useful for those facing significant levels of pain from a health condition. For example, fentanyl is often useful for helping a person handle residual pain following a surgical procedure. However, the risk of developing a fentanyl addiction is high when the drug remains in use for a period of time.

What are the Causes of a Fentanyl Addiction?

It’s not widely known why some people develop an addiction to drugs such as fentanyl and others do not. However, anytime a medication has a powerful effect on the pleasure centers of the brain, it carries a high chance of creating an addiction. As a result, the person using this drug can remain in a cycle of ongoing use in order to continue seeking these pleasurable sensations. Whatever the cause of the addiction may be, it’s a potentially serious problem that warrants immediate treatment.

Recognizing the Signs of Addiction

A fentanyl addiction can manifest in different ways. However, the following signs may indicate a serious addiction that warrants immediate professional treatment. Get help if you notice these signs in someone you love.

Failing to Meet Vital Obligations

Those facing addiction may begin to fall short of their daily obligations. For example, they may fail to show up for work or take care of their children in the proper manner.

Continuing to Use the Substance in the Face of Adverse Effects

Continuing to use an addictive substance, even though doing so creates serious problems, is a huge red flag. Those facing a serious addiction cannot simply stop using the substance just because it creates havoc in their personal lives.

Preoccupation with Continued Use of the Substance

Those struggling with addiction spend an enormous amount of time using, recovering from, or planning to use the substance in question. This preoccupation with using the addictive substance can take their focus off important duties and responsibilities.

Tolerance and Withdrawal Symptoms

Tolerance describes a situation in which the person using an addictive substance has become accustomed to its effects. As a result, he or she now needs to take more of the drug to experience those same pleasurable outcomes. Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms are severe physical discomforts that occur when the person tries to stop using the substance.

Selecting a Proper Rehab Facility

Detox symptoms can be difficult to overcome alone. Quality addiction treatment programs are set up to help an individual successfully overcome these complications. In turn, the individual can get the in-depth counseling and treatment protocols needed to experience a complete recovery from addiction.
Silver Pines Treatment Center is a rehab center in Hazelton, PA. Treatment programs are offered in a peaceful and secluded environment that allows the person to focus their energy on the process of self-discovery and healing. A holistic approach allows Silver Pines to address each person’s unique needs with ease.
You don’t have to suffer from addiction. You can overcome your problems with the help of a caring rehab center. Contact Silver Pines Treatment Center today at 267.209.7313 to find out how we can help you recover.
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