Inhalant Addiction Treatment

Inhalant Addiction Treatment

When someone has an inhalant addiction, it can cause lasting damage to their bodies. Inhalants are one of the only drugs that can kill someone the first time that they use it. These drugs actually kill brain cells and interfere with breathing. Because of that, they can be fatal even when someone does not feel high. Therefore, inhalant addiction treatment is the best way to bring sobriety back into your life.
Inhalant Addiction Treatment in PA.

Is an Inhalant Addiction Possible?

Unfortunately, individuals can develop an inhalant addiction. Like other addictive drugs, people can develop cravings to use again. They can develop withdrawal symptoms once they stop using. These drugs affect dopamine, which means that they change the reward centers of the brain.

These withdrawal symptoms may include sweating, shaking, agitation and nausea. The individual may suffer from headaches, muscle cramps and chills. In extreme cases, they may even suffer from convulsions. However, inhalant addiction treatment can help you overcome these symptoms in a safe environment.

How Do You Know If Someone Needs Help?

During an addiction education program, individuals and family members can learn the signs of an inhalant addiction. Individuals may show telltale signs like needing inhalants to feel normal. They may frequently use inhalants and hide how often they are using them.
Some individuals use inhalants to cope with negative feelings and stress. Like other drugs, individuals sometimes use inhalants to self-medicate for a physical or mental illness. When they try to stop using the drugs, they develop withdrawal symptoms.

Helping a Loved One Seek Inhalant Addiction Treatment

For loved ones, it is unbearably difficult to watch a family member struggle with an addiction. While inhalants are one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, many people do not realize how dangerous that they can be. Some people even feel like household chemicals could not cause fatal consequences.
If a loved one is suffering from an addiction, one way to help is by teaching them about the dangers of inhalants. When it comes to an addiction, knowledge is truly power. The individual may not be ready to listen right away, but they will at least understand the potential consequences of their addiction.
In most cases, the best thing that loved ones can do is offer support. When someone seeks treatment, provide them with support as they go through detox and rehab. Forcing someone into recovery will not work, but loved ones can help once the individual realizes that they want to become sober.

Types of Inhalant Addiction Treatment Programs

If someone habitually uses inhalants, it rewires their mind. When they stop using, their mind thinks that it needs inhalants to feel normal. Withdrawal symptoms start once the chemicals are no longer present. Because of this, many patients choose to start their treatment program with detox.
During detox, the individual receives professional care from medical staff. The treatment centers supervises patients for withdrawal symptoms and any medical complications. This allows patients to safely and effectively detox.
Getting professional help can also prevent a relapse. When someone suffers from withdrawal symptoms, they may feel an urge to use and get rid of those symptoms. If they are in a treatment center, they can finish detoxing without having the temptation of using constantly present.
Once patients finish detox, the next step is inhalant addiction treatment. At a residential center, patients can get help with programs like mental health treatment and holistic programs. For example, the treatment center may offer options such as:
No one has to live with the ongoing pain and suffering of addiction. The right inhalant addiction treatment program can help you or your loved one start a safe, healthy sobriety. If you are ready to begin your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle, call the Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.209.7313 today.
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