Drug Rehab Harrisburg PA

Drug Rehab Harrisburg PA

Are you looking for the best drug rehab Harrisburg PA has to offer? Moreover, does finding the right rehab for your recovery stress you out? Do friends or family deny you need treatment? Don’t worry about these problems, as getting the help you need is actually easier than you think.

Take Simple Steps to Your Addiction Recovery

In fact, drug and alcohol addiction cause more stress in decision-making. You struggle with admitting the depth of your problem, still suffering some denial common to your disease. However, once you admit you need help, everything gets easier and clearer to yourself and everyone around you.

Your first step is to find a drug rehab Harrisburg PA area that understands your situation right now. Those caring professionals help you take the rest of your steps into recovery. That’s the beauty of getting help at Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton and Harrisburg PA; you don’t work toward recovery alone.

Maybe you think you need to wait for treatment until you hit rock bottom. However, that is not true. Once believed throughout the addiction treatment industry, today’s professionals know the need to wait for rock bottom is a myth. You can succeed in recovery whenever you start, and not waiting for bigger problems makes the recovery easier.

You deserve help from a drug rehab Harrisburg PA trusts. Don’t let your addiction confuse you and keep you from what you really crave, a better life.

Getting to Know Your Addiction

Your life and relationships suffer many ill effects of your addiction. However, if you still doubt your substance abuse problem, you can obtain a simple screening for yourself. Today’s doctors and other healthcare professionals diagnose addiction based on eleven criteria. Specifically, you may suffer a mild, moderate, or severe substance use disorder.

For mild addiction, you still need professional help. You know you have a mild addiction if you meet two or three of the eleven criteria. Those criteria include lost control over your drug use and life, desire to quit, seeking your substance for use, cravings, and lack of responsibility. They also include relationship problems, lost interest, risky behaviors, worsening problems, tolerance, and withdrawal.

When Friends and Loved Ones Deny Your Problem

Sometimes friends or loved ones deny people who suffer addiction problems. This makes getting the treatment you need difficult. Therefore, ask yourself the right questions to know if you truly need help for drug or alcohol addiction.

Do your denying friends or family also use drugs or alcohol?If so, your treatment means less support for their own drinking or using. This particularly holds true if you used your substances or got high together. Also, people with their own problems fear admitting them. Therefore, when you admit yours, it makes them realize they suffer a similar problem.

Do you hide your substance abuse from your family? When you hide your substance abuse, using drugs or alcohol is easier. However, it presents a double-edged sword to use in secrecy. When you want help, people around you experience the shock of disbelief. This makes them think you may not suffer addiction.

Communication comes more easily among true friends and supporters. Maybe your friends or family do not have a strong relationship with you. Perhaps, they fear losing you if they admit you suffer addiction. This makes many people deny their loved ones need help.

Whatever your friend or family’s reaction to your quest for addiction treatment, you need support. Even if that support does not exist before you go to rehab, treatment helps you gain their support through the process. Rehabs also offer help through family programs.

Drug Rehab Harrisburg PA, Close to Home

If you seek drug rehab Harrisburg PA, consider Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton. Only a short drive away, you gain all of the help and support you need, including the right mix of therapies and programs. For example, addiction treatment programs at Silver Pines Treatment Center include:

  • Detox and rehab
  • Individual counseling and behavioral therapies
  • Group therapy and family therapy
  • Holistic approach, including nutrition, fitness and yoga
  • Alumni programs
  • Outdoor activities

You don’t need to travel far for the best treatment. When you seek men’s and women’s rehab centers in PA, you find accredited programs at Silver Pines Treatment Center. Call us now at 267.719.8689 for more information.

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