Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania

How do you select the right facility to treat an addiction? With so many rehab centers in Pennsylvania, there has to be a better way than visiting each one. In fact, there is. Look for the big three: evidence-based modalities, whole-person approaches, and setting.
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Understanding the Importance of Evidence-Based Treatments

Rehab centers in Pennsylvania offer a broad range of therapeutic frameworks and methods when working with clients. Each setting has its own take on the best way to help individuals to overcome an addiction. What differentiates the locale with fad approaches that rely on a big personality from others is the presence of evidence-based modalities. In this context, the term just refers to therapeutic strategies that experts in the field agree will work.

They may not work for everyone, but there’s plenty of clinical evidence that identifies them as bona fide approaches. Evidence-based treatments don’t depend on personalities.

Examples of modalities that fit include:
  • Detoxification Programs as the first step to sobriety that helps individuals to work through withdrawal and overcome cravings
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which encourages program participants to recognize negative patterns in thinking and acting
  • Family behavior therapy takes this concept a step further and applies it to communication skills and boundary setting
  • Contingency management is an approach that offers positive reinforcement to program participants who work on making permanent life changes
  • Comprehensive inpatient care that combines evidence-based treatments with holistic approaches for maximum effectiveness

What is the Whole Person Approach?

The disease model of addiction stipulates that dependency is a progressive, chronic brain disease. It calls for medical treatment just like other chronic illnesses. Just as you wouldn’t attempt to handle diabetes or heart disease by yourself, you need professional help for addiction. However, far too often, rehab facilities forget that the disease isn’t just physical.

Rather, it also affects the emotions, physical health, your thinking, and your overall mood. Rehab facilities that support a whole-person approach will offer therapies that factor in the need for multi-level healing. Examples may include nutritional counseling, exercise therapy, gardening, other outdoor activities, and yoga. These treatments support overall healing in addition to the psychological treatments you undergo.

Finding the Right Setting When Evaluating Rehab Centers in Pennsylvania

Far too often, rehab facilities crop up in urban areas. There’s plenty of traffic, making it easy to find clients. But is this the kind of serene setting that appeals to someone with a substance abuse problem? These locations make it difficult to leave stressors behind.

Tranquil settings provide better options. They allow you the privacy you need to get well without plenty of foot traffic around you. Also, these locations make it possible to undergo rehab with confidentiality intact. Overcoming a drug or alcohol problem in these settings is far more likely to succeed.

Identifying a Location that Appeals to You

Of the rehab centers in Pennsylvania that meet the three criteria, select a facility that makes you feel at home. You’ll  probably do best in an atmosphere that’s more personal than clinical. An environment where you don’t feel like a number but rather a valued guest is best. Knowing therapists by name, and having them know you, is ideal. You find this level of care at the Silver Pines Treatment Center. Silver Pines Treatment mission is to provide the best, individualized care possible. The size of the facility is small to mid-level, which keeps it manageable for a personal approach. You don’t have to continue suffering from an addiction any longer. Just call 267.209.7313 now for immediate help from an intake counselor
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