Trauma Alongside Addiction Treatment

Trauma Alongside Addiction

As you look for a rehab program, you may come across trauma therapy. However, what does trauma have to do with drug or alcohol addiction? Why do trauma and addiction treatment seemingly go together? Moreover, do you need both as part of your addiction treatment?

At Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA, you gain the trauma and addiction treatment you need for a better life. Maybe you don’t know whether you need this type of counseling as part of your recovery. However, without it, preventing relapse feels impossible for many people.

Trauma and addiction treatment go together because many people with a traumatic history turn to drugs or alcohol for relief of their symptoms. In fact, trauma is one root cause of substance abuse. If you suffered traumatic experiences in your past, you need this treatment, too. Without it, your symptoms will lead you right back into active addiction.

Why Trauma and Addiction Treatment Go Together

In recent years, news headlines commonly speak of PTSD. PTSD is not just something military veterans experience after a war, as you may assume. Instead, post-traumatic stress disorder affects millions of people who live through intense stress or traumatic circumstances. Symptoms include outbursts of anger, flashbacks, nightmares, and insomnia.

When you suffer these symptoms, you may say or do things you typically don’t consider right or safe. Such is the case for many people. Furthermore, you also feel guilt after your outbursts or episodes, despite not being able to control them.

For example, some causes of PTSD and these reactions include:

  • Abuse during childhood
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Being witness to a crime
  • Military combat

Why Trauma Leads to Addiction

Trauma leads to addiction because you feel emotionally imbalanced or unable to control how you feel and behave. This makes life hectic, chaotic, and troublesome. In addition, it also makes you feel guilty, out of control, powerless over your actions and isolated from society.

These feelings lead many people to drink or abuse drugs, especially when it comes to self-medicating sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress. Using drugs or alcohol seems like an easy solution for dealing with PTSD symptoms. However, it quickly leads to addiction and even bigger problems than just the trauma, itself.

How Trauma and Addiction Treatment Helps

>Specifically, trauma treatment is a type of mental health treatment. For this, your addiction treatment program uses a variety of therapies, educational sessions, and support programs. However, your rehab treats trauma in addiction, that treatment helps you regulate your emotions. You learn coping skills for long term recovery and also heal from the trauma experiences of your past.
At Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA, multiple types of therapy treat your trauma. For example, these include:

Your trauma plays a role in your addiction, so you must heal the negative emotions in order to end your drug or alcohol abuse. Without this treatment, you face a long road of relapse in your future.

Trauma Therapy Benefits in Addiction Rehab

Silver Pines Treatment Center’s addiction treatment programs include detox and rehab. This means your path to recovery is smooth and consistent. In these programs, you undergo therapies in which you explore your past trauma and learn to see its connection to your substance abuse. You regain control over your life and stop letting the trauma control you.

After trauma therapy, you handle past and present stress in healthier, more productive ways. You stop needing drugs or alcohol to help you get through your daily life. Therefore, you maintain the skills you learn and help your trauma become a much more distant memory.

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, your rehab includes trauma therapy. You also gain individual, group, and family therapy you need for healing in all areas of your life. Learn more about available programs by calling 267.719.8689.

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