Which Addiction Is the Hardest to Break?

Which Addiction Is the Hardest to Break?

Addiction presents unique challenges based on each case. Circumstances, life decisions, and other factors contribute to the difficulty someone may experience when trying to break these addictive behaviors. However, scientific studies have shown that some addictions are tougher to beat than others. While some people may think crack or heroin would top the list, you may be in for a surprise.

Why Some Addictions Are Harder to Break Than Others

While addictions to illegal drugs may receive the lion’s share of the attention and are usually the first things that come to mind, it’s often the more socially accepted vices that can prove more challenging. These substances have become legalized over the years.


They remain in the cultural zeitgeist as either acceptable ways to wind down after a long day at work or something essential you need to manage your pain after surgery.

Here are some of the hardest addictions for the average person to break:


The pharmacy industry saw a greater proliferation of opioids receive legalization and approval for sale over-the-counter over the past few decades. However, what should have been intended to relieve their pain turned more sinister as drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and more got more people addicted.

The ease with which people could get more of these painkillers and medications made it more likely that their addictions could run unchecked and become more challenging to break. With the opioid crisis getting the recognition and attention it deserves, more people are receiving the treatments they need, but it remains one of the more difficult addictions to break.


Barring the prohibition era, alcohol remains one of the most commonly used, easily accessible, and abuse-prone substances on the market. Whether it’s an after-work beer, a glass of wine, or drinking with your friends when you aren’t supposed to, alcohol consumption remains one of the most socially acceptable and expected “rites of passage” available.

With the overall acceptance of alcohol as a social lubricant, more people tend to dismiss someone going overboard as simply having too much fun in one night. Learning how to identify when someone needs that level of alcohol on a regular basis or constantly having multiple drinks on a nightly basis can help determine when someone needs help.


Like regular alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes and other sources of nicotine have become such a socially accepted part of everyday life that it can become a difficult habit to break. While the harmful effects of regular tobacco and cigarette smoking have become well documented, the social aspect of smoking can be just as challenging to quit as the way it changes our brain chemistry.


Regarding recreational illegal drugs, two highly addictive substances out there sit as the most difficult addictions to break — methamphetamine and cocaine. In terms of meth, it produces a relatively short but intense high that keeps addicts coming back for another high. People can binge this narcotic for days at a time before they come down and try to reacclimate to their life.


Whether in powder form or the more easily addictive Crack, cocaine has become one of the widest abused drugs around the world for decades. What it lacks in creating a physical dependence, it more than makes up for it in the psychological dependence addicts form. Users can often find themselves “going on a run” and binge the narcotic for days at a time.

How to Put Yourself in the Best Position to Break an Addiction

For anyone battling an addiction, it can often feel impossible to dig themselves out of their situation and move towards recovery. Whether it’s alcohol, nicotine, or a harder drug, finding ways to overcome their demons and make better choices for themselves and their families becomes easier with the right support system Silver Pines Treatment Center is here to help.

Our substance abuse treatment programs in Mahanoy City, PA, have helped countless people work through their addiction issues and discover the recovery and coping mechanisms they need for a sustainable life. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call us today to learn more about our admissions process and get the help you need.


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