What is Methamphetamine?

What is Methamphetamine?

In the wake of the opioid epidemic, it’s easy for people to lose sight of the full range of drugs ruining lives. Methamphetamine, a drug that many people thought all but defeated, is in the middle of a major comeback. The Sinaloa Cartel bears most of the responsibility for this new surge. Those too young to remember the meth craze of the early 2000s might rightly ask, “What is methamphetamine?” 

Specifically What Is Methamphetamine?

The simple answer to what is methamphetamine is that it is a very potent stimulant. First discovered in the 1880s, it is incredibly addictive and a single use often creates dependence. The drug tricks the brain into producing dopamine in large volumes. This dopamine flood causes a sense of euphoria and reinforces dependence.

What is Methamphetamine?

Meth Effects

Possibly more important than the question, what is methamphetamine, are the effects meth has on the body. A few of the common effects include:

  • Dehydration
  • Weight loss
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Bone and tooth damage

Long-term and heavy meth use can cause severe side effects, such as psychosis, tremors, or coma. You also run the risk of death by overdose.

Methamphetamine Addiction Symptoms

Meth addiction symptoms closely resemble the symptoms of other addictions in terms of behavior. A person’s mood becomes unpredictable. They struggle with personal and professional responsibilities. Their finances become strained until they can’t pay bills or rent. 

Methamphetamine Treatment

Since meth affects your brain chemistry, a medically-supervised detox is the smart first step. The severity of your addiction and withdrawal symptoms will determine the exact course of your detox. You may receive medications that help you manage anxiety and insomnia. A normal detox process lasts from 3-7 days for most people. You typically go through an admissions process at the beginning of rehab. This process helps the staff structure your methamphetamine addiction rehab program. Some of the therapy and educational options you might see in rehab include:

CBT and DBT play an important role in helping you understand your addiction. Nutrition education plays an important role in meth rehab because malnutrition proves common among meth users. Holistic therapies help those in recovery start repairing the muscle loss that goes along with meth addiction.

Silver Pines Treatment Center

Silver Pines Treatment Center offers drug and alcohol rehab program, as well as on-site methamphetamine detox. This lets us offer you a better continuity of care since all of your doctors work together. Silver Pines is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Don’t let meth choose the path your life takes. You can overcome a meth addiction with help from good detox and rehab programs. Contact Silver Pines Treatment center at 267.719.8689 and start down your road to recovery.

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