What is A Medical Detox Center?

What is A Medical Detox Center?

Detoxification starts the recovery process. Depending on the severity of substance abuse, it may last three to seven days. You typically entrust your care to a facility. What is a medical detox center, and what happens there?

What is Medical Detox Center Staffing Like?

A good-quality medical detox Mahanoy City PA residents can trust will have a well-trained staff on the premises. It should consist of doctors, nurses, aides, and therapists who work together during your detox. Consistent monitoring protects your physical safety as you withdraw from a drug or alcohol. Because some withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening, enrolling at this facility is essential.
What is A Medical Detox Center Exactly

What is A Medical Detox Center Vs a Non-Medical Facility?

Did you know that fear of withdrawal symptoms keeps many people going back to drugs? They don’t think they can handle the pain. Medical detox empowers you to push through the withdrawal process without discomfort. Prescription medication use during this time reduces cravings and minimizes pain.
For many, it’s the game changer they’ve been looking for. Without the pain prospect, they can commit to the withdrawal process. Most importantly, they look forward to finally overcoming addiction. However, medical detox isn’t the only option.
Some facilities offer non-medical detoxification. These centers don’t provide pain medication. Rather, they might offer holistic or alternative medicine treatments for discomfort.

Advantages of Detox and Rehab Facility Combinations

What is a medical detox center like when it combines with a rehab facility? Typically, this combination is advantageous for the client. For starters, all your care takes place in one location. Secondly, the facility will have a distinctly home-like atmosphere.
Most importantly, you get to know the staff and already feel comfortable with everyone. Therefore, you seamlessly transition from detox to rehab as soon as you’re ready. For some, clinical care might even begin as they are finishing medical treatment. The combination of both care approaches allows for true customization of care.
In contrast, stand-alone detox centers sometimes present a challenge to the client who graduates from care. If there is no immediate rehab center opening, you’re at high risk of relapse. Similarly, you might lose the momentum of recent victories. Because you may once again fall victim to addiction, you might feel more hopeless than ever.

Common Therapeutic Approaches

Detoxification is an inpatient process. You live at the facility, eat there, and socialize with peers. Staff members want you to be as comfortable as possible. Besides that, they want you to have a successful stay.
Therefore, they combine treatment approaches with medical detox to meet your needs. Examples include:
  • Medication-assisted treatment that offers prescriptions for pain and cravings control
  • Nutritional counseling that helps you shift your understanding of food to focus on fueling your body and healing it
  • Outdoor activities that encourage movement and engagement with nature for introspection and physical healing
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that focuses on helping you manage underlying mental health problems to remove addiction triggers
  • Men and women’s group therapy, which boosts self-esteem and fosters personal growth

Detox and Rehab Aren’t as Expensive as You Might Think

Don’t let the worry about costs keep you from getting the help you need. Paying for rehab is usually something that intake specialists discuss with you. Most program participants have insurance coverage that spends a significant amount toward treatment.
Others take out medical loans. Various lenders focus on this part of the financial spectrum. No matter how you decide to pay, don’t put off treatment today.
What is a medical detox center but your key to long-term sobriety? Connect with Silver Pines Treatment Center today to learn more. Contact us at 267.209.7313 now for immediate assistance.

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