What Behavioral Therapies Are There?

What Behavioral Therapies Are There?

Drug and alcohol dependency is a complex issue that affects so much of your life or the life of a loved one with a substance abuse problem. Getting clean and sober usually requires support from those with the specialized tools, resources and knowledge. You’ll find these things at Silver Pines Treatment Center, where we believe treatment of the whole person is necessary to achieve wellness. Keep reading below to discover what behavioral therapies are there and how professional rehabilitation services can help you on the road to recovery.

About Behavioral Therapies

The overarching goal of behavioral therapy is to reinforce or encourage desired behaviors, while eliminating or extinguishing ones that are no longer wanted. In this type of therapy, a behavior or set of behaviors are seen as the problem. Learning new behaviors to replace the old becomes the focus and goal.
What Behavioral Therapies Are There?
With regard to drug and alcohol use, these types of therapeutic approaches can have a number of unique benefits. Furthermore, they are used to provide incentives to abstain, teach coping skills to deal with discomfort or temptation and change current thinking patterns regarding substance abuse.

Specifically What Behavioral Therapies Are There?

When it comes to what behavioral therapies are there, many are available for use in various settings. The type of therapy depends upon the individual problem. The expertise and philosophy of the therapist also plays a role.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is probably the one most people are familiar with. This approach focuses on how thinking influences behavior and teaches appropriate coping strategies for handling specific issues. It also seeks to identify and anticipate problems ahead of time in order to better deal with them. Contingency management intervention is another common behavioral approach that relies on a reward system to encourage positive behaviors.
Community reinforcement is a form of behavioral therapy that uses reinforcers such as those related to family, socialization and work to help participants learn that a life without drug or alcohol use provides them with more rewards than one trapped in a cycle of substance abuse. The matrix model uses the positive relationship between therapist and client to reinforce changes in client behavior. Its goal is to achieve abstinence through education, guidance and support, with an eventual plan to rely on maintenance through self-help programs.

How Silver Pines Treatment Center Can Help

These are just some of the more common behavioral therapies. Moreover, there are additional types like family therapy that address specific issues. At Silver Pines we offer therapeutic services, along with various other programs, to meet a wide variety of recovery needs.
For example, some of our offerings include:
What behavioral therapies are there and how can they help you overcome substance abuse? At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we take a holistic approach and recognize that each individual has unique treatment needs. In fact, we want to support you in your recovery as a whole person. You don’t have to face this road alone. Call us at 267.209.7313 to learn more.

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