War on Drugs

War on Drugs

The US legislators mainly use the word “war’’ to imply some legislative initiative. As such, the war on drugs has been a crucial aspect for many stakeholders in the fight against drug addiction and its harmful consequences. Labeling this initiative helps motivate people to join efforts and address the drug problem. Urging those who have an addiction to explore addiction recovery options in Mahanoy City PA.

About the War on Drugs

But, what is the war on drugs? In short, the war on drugs is a fight against some people in society. This is because criminalizing those who use drugs makes them appear dangerous, instead of offering them assistance to overcome their addiction.
Four of our presidents have driven the initiative for the war on drugs, but it seems we keep losing because patients abusing drugs continue to fill our hospitals and prisons. The main target of the war on drugs should not be on those who abuse drugs, but rather on those who trade drugs.
sign in a school zone is defending from the war on drugs
Those who engage in drugs are the ones who cause crimes and ravages, and the war on drugs should consider targeting them and not criminalize all those who abuse drugs. Instead, it’s important for us to offer our loved ones suffering from addiction help.
People who benefit from drugs are drug dealers, and all efforts on the war on drugs should focus on them and not on the criminalization of drug use. Instead, we should focus on helping those with addiction.

Causes of Drug Abuse 

Drug use occurs due to several factors. For example:
  • Unemployment
  • Illiteracy
  • Income inequality
  • Poor policing
  • Undiagnosed mental illness
Drug abusers deal with many challenges, and arresting them rather than treating their addictions is not a practical solution. When drug users and addicts are sent to jail, they may sink into depression.
If we address addiction in a different perspective as a nation, we will realize that addiction is a problem and find a solution for recovery.
The negative perception of drug abuse has led to the war on drugs targeting the wrong victim who is the user instead of the peddler.
However, we have seen the government realize this and put some efforts to address the issue by supplying treatment to people who have addictions. More than $200 million has been spent yearly for drug education, and $250 million for drug treatment. The initiative has helped in providing help to people who are trying to overcome their drug addiction.
At the same time, we observed the FBI shift its priorities and focus on the drug dealers instead of arresting drug users. It has concentrated on patrolling seaports to confiscate drugs, extradite drug dealers from countries notoriously involved in the drug trade, and focused on vehicle border control and inspection.
The drug users are victims of an international business controlled by drug cartels who weaken them to manage their urges and make them forever addicted to the substance.

How Can We Help Our Loved Ones Suffering from Addiction?

The stigma associated with drug addiction habits needs to stop. Some programs that we offer are:
If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction, then reach out to Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.209.7313 today. As we battle the war on drugs together, we’re here to help you overcome addiction.

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