Steps to Ensure a Lasting Recovery Journey

Steps to Ensure a Lasting Recovery Journey

Whether you’re talking about suffering from alcohol use or a substance use disorder, deciding to get the help and support you need is only half the battle. The road to a lasting recovery looks different for everyone; risk factors, life circumstances, and more can affect their progress. Understanding that this type of undertaking is rarely ever a straight line and that there are peaks and valleys throughout can make it more manageable, but there are still steps you or a loved one can take to ensure a lasting recovery.
Everyone entering a substance abuse treatment program wants to enjoy a long-lasting recovery journey — what does that look like exactly? While every journey is different on a case-by-case basis, there are still some steps to ensure a lasting recovery for yourself or a loved one that can be taken. 

Develop and Cultivate Healthy Relationship Skills

For someone living in the throes of addiction, their interpersonal relationships with their friends and family often take a significant hit. They become so engrossed in satisfying their desires that they stop paying attention to how their actions affect others. For lasting recovery, people recovering from substance abuse disorders need to focus on rebuilding these essential skills.
Whether stemming from unresolved trauma, unhealthy family relationships, or past abuse, learning how to cope with these factors and forge new healthy relationships becomes crucial. A personalized treatment plan designed to identify areas of improvement and the underlying causes of these issues can help you focus on creating a sustainable recovery that you wouldn’t have dreamed possible otherwise. 

Unifying Our Identities

People suffering from a substance abuse disorder often feel like they have two distinct sides of themselves — who they are when sober and under the influence. While this angel and devil dynamic can often persist in someone recovering from a substance use disorder, that doesn’t mean they are trapped between these two seemingly distinct personalities. 
In the early stages of recovery, patients often want to push their darker impulses down and not address those tendencies. However, with the help of a trained specialist and in the right setting, you can confront these dark impulses head-on while better understanding what they mean to you and your ongoing journey. A true recovery cannot happen if you don’t take the time to confront these impulses and make peace with these aspects of your identity. 

Constructively Making Amend

We have discussed what making amends looks like in recovery in a recent blog post, but the importance of this step bears repeating. Making amends goes beyond simply apologizing to your friends and family you wronged during your addiction; it requires taking a proactive approach to rectifying past wrongs. Whether that’s fulfilling prison sentences, community service, or trying to mend broken relationships, making amends looks different for every person, but it remains a vital part of the process. 

Find Ways to Live a Balanced Life

Finding proper balance in your life is a tricky road to walk. You want to find activities that spark the joy in your life while developing a balanced existence moving forward. Whether you embrace physical activity, mindfulness practices, creating new relationships, eating healthier, or changing existing thought patterns, you can find a balance that works best for you. 
While building this newly balanced life can help sustain your recovery, it’s not a full cure-all. Your journey is complex and multifaceted, requiring you to take dedicated steps to determine what works best for you over the long term. Finding a substance abuse treatment center in Mahanoy City, PA, that can help you focus on building that sustainability is vital — and Silver Pines Treatment Center can help. 

Finding the Right Treatment Center

You need to find a treatment facility that treats you as more than simply a case number. You are a multifaceted individual with unique characteristics and challenges that you need to address head-on and need some guidance to make more informed decisions. Silver Pines Treatment Center has helped countless people resolve their issues and develop a personalized treatment plan that helps them move forward with their lives and build a sustained recovery. 
If you or someone you love is looking to begin their recovery journey in earnest, we can help. Contact our team today at 267.209.7313 to learn more about our treatment services and admissions process.


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