Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms

Did you take pain pills to deal with a situation, but keep taking them because of the high? Possibly, now you want to quit. However, are you afraid of the painkiller withdrawal symptoms? With the right medical detox program, you can overcome withdrawal safely.

What’s Happening to Your Body?

In fact, painkillers are nervous system depressants. They interfere with your body’s ability to communicate sensations to the brain. Moreover, when you suddenly stop this blockage, your nervous system comes back online. However, it’s not a pleasant process.
Short-acting-opiate withdrawal symptoms start in as few as eight hours after the last dose. However, for the long-acting medications, symptoms may start in a day or so. No matter what time the withdrawal gets uncomfortable, the symptoms typically are the same. For example, these include gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, muscle cramps, sweating, and severe agitation.
painkiller withdrawal symptoms

Deal with Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms at a Medical Detox Facility

Ending the use of pain pills can result in tremendously painful and uncomfortable sensations. Therefore, plenty of people start using again to make the discomfort go away. Doing so creates a never-ending cycle of quitting and relapsing. However, with the help of medical detox, you can break out of the cycle.
At a facility, caring therapists evaluate you for treatment needs. Moreover, experts determine what treatments will benefit you to minimize discomfort and ensure physiological safety. Next, you stop taking the painkillers while addiction treatment specialists stabilize your vitals.
Finally, you move on to custom addiction treatment programs. For example, they might include:

How Rehab Changes Lives

When you move into an addiction treatment facility, you have a way to recalibrate your body safely. In fact, there’s typically no idle time.
You learn new life skills and hobbies. Furthermore, a broad range of outdoor activities and group meetings keep you busy. As you live without using, you also practice how to interact with others socially. You gain the confidence to do so without the need for using any drug.
It’s usually a good idea to select a rehab center that offers detox onsite. This lets you transition from medical to clinical care with ease. Therefore, your risk of relapse is low.

Get the Help You Need Today

Whether you need oxycodone, hydrocodone, or tramadol addiction treatment, don’t put off getting help. You don’t have to let the fear of painkiller withdrawal symptoms keep you in the vicious cycle of drug abuse. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, addiction treatment specialists want to help you. Call 267.209.7313 today to schedule an appointment.

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