How to Stage An Intervention

How to Stage An Intervention

Is someone you care about having trouble with drugs or alcohol? In fact, sometimes they will admit to the problem. Other times, they do everything they can to hide it. However, you know something is wrong. Do you want to know how to stage an intervention to help them? Find out the right way to hold an intervention, then get the treatment they deserve.

The Need for Addiction Treatment

Specifically, drug and alcohol addiction isn’t always easy to spot. You may excuse moodiness as just a phase. Moreover, perhaps they tell you they’re having a hard time at work.
However, you suspect something is going on. How do you spot a problem? Signs that someone may be dependent on addictive substances include erratic behavior and financial or relationship problems. Furthermore, the person may have unexplained weight loss and is slowly withdrawing from friends and family.
How to Stage An Intervention
The sooner you can convince your loved one to seek treatment, the sooner they can go on to a fulfilling, healthy future.

How to Stage an Intervention: Do's and Don'ts

While there’s no one right way to stage an intervention, there are definitely methods that are more productive and potentially successful than others. For example, some do’s and don’ts for how to stage an intervention include:
  • Prepare as much as possible in advance, including having a rehab center on standby.
  • Consider involving an addiction specialist to act as a mediator.
  • Make the consequences clear if the person continues using.
  • Don’t hold the intervention when the person is clearly under the influence.
  • Do not include people who are likely to escalate an argument.
  • Don’t blame or judge the person.
The people who participate in an addiction intervention should have your loved one’s best interests at heart. Therefore, focus on being supportive, while also making it clear that treatment is the next step.
Sometimes, the person isn’t ready to enter treatment right away. While you should let them know you’re there, you also should let them know you won’t enable their drug and alcohol abuse.

A Future of Sobriety and Wellness

Whether it’s a loved one or yourself who has been struggling with substance abuse, treatment is available. In fact, Silver Pines Treatment Center is here for you. Furthermore, the addiction treatment programs we provide include:
Your days with us will have structure and include outdoor activities, along with nurturing treatments, such as yoga and nutrition therapy.
No matter how much drug and alcohol abuse you struggle with, you can change it. Begin by reaching out to our friendly, supportive team today. We’ll help you make a fresh start on the road to long-term sobriety. Call us at 267.209.7313 today.

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