How Long Does MDMA Stay in Your System?

How Long Does MDMA Stay in Your System?

If you abuse MDMA, also called ecstasy or Molly, you probably wonder, “How long does MDMA stay in your system?” But you need to ask yourself why you worry about this question. Instead, you should consider why you abuse MDMA, in the first place. You need help for this substance abuse before it takes over your life.
MDMA, ecstasy or Molly is a synthetic drug abused by people seeking its hallucinogenic and stimulant qualities. It gives you energy, makes you feel emotionally open to others and causes hallucinations. Many people abusing MDMA do so to stay awake for all-night dance parties, music festivals, and other social activities.

Specifically How Long Does MDMA Stay in Your System?

Specifically How Long Does MDMA Stay in Your System?
MDMA taken orally peaks in your bloodstream about two hours after using it. On the surface, this answers your question of, “How long does MDMA stay in your system?” But many other factors affect how long MDMA remains traceable in your body.
Your body metabolizes substances like MDMA according to your own physical condition and makeup. So how you metabolize MDMA differs from someone else.
As the drug travels through your body, it makes its way into your urine through your kidneys. Urine tests show traces of this drug for two days. But it also makes its way into your hair follicles, where traces remain for months.
Recreational use effects last from three to six hours for most people. But the drug’s half-life is about seven hours. This leads many people to take another dose as they stop feeling its euphoria. Of course, with more of the drug comes the risk of overdose and other bad effects.

MDMA Effects

MDMA’s bad effects last from 24 hours to a week, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This means you suffer some symptoms for about a day. These bad effects include nausea, blurred vision, light sensitivity, dry mouth, muscle cramping, jaw clenching, and sweating. Therefore, it’s not a matter of how long does MDMA stay in your system, but its effects during this time.
Because the drug affects your brain chemistry, other effects last the full week after your use. These negative effects prompt many people to take more ecstasy in attempts to feel better from its high. This creates the early cycle leading to full-fledged addiction.

Treatment for Your MDMA Abuse

Abuse of this party drug or addiction to MDMA causes serious problems throughout your life. You struggle in relationships, work, school and other facets of daily living once you start using MDMA. In fact, some studies show permanent brain structure and chemistry damage, as a result of such drug use.
To end your MDMA addiction you need a range of treatments and therapies, including:

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