What is An Emergency Medical Responder?

What is An Emergency Medical Responder?

An emergency medical responder possesses special training and skills to help people survive emergency situations. These situations include a wide range of accidents and injuries. Because of their everyday exposure to these crises, EMTs and other first responders often suffer their own trauma. Sometimes that trauma leads to substance abuse and addiction.
If you or an emergency medical responder you know suffer addiction, specialized help is available through first responder addiction treatment Mahanoy City PA. This treatment focuses on recovery for people performing the same daily work that you do, with the same traumatic exposures. If you need this help, talk to your treatment provider about paying for rehab using your insurance and other means of rehab support.

Role of An Emergency Medical Responder

Emergency Medical Responder Assistance in PA
Emergency medical responders are people who provide first care in a medical emergency. Multiple levels and types of first responders exist, each with their own training and certifications. Also called EMRs, these workers do not have the more advanced training of EMTs or paramedics. But they respond to many of the same situations, often assisting EMTs and paramedics.
Becoming an EMR involves training and testing, including routine tests in training exercises that simulate the events occurring in their field of work. They must excel in providing first emergency care, such as taking vital signs, controlling bleeding, ventilating patients with a bag valve mask, clearing the airway, providing oxygen, and suctioning the mouth. They must also meet basic standards of care in CPR, defibrillation, splinting limbs, and providing medications.
One of the most important medications an emergency medical responder can provide today is Naloxone. Many states train EMRs in this skill because of the opioid epidemic. So these professionals work on the front lines of fighting the drug epidemic that claims so many lives.
Sadly, answering these emergency overdose calls does not keep all EMRs from trying substances themselves. Many fall into the cycle of substance abuse and addiction. Often this addiction roots in trauma experienced in their work, such as in seeing death and injury on a daily basis.

Getting EMR Help for Addiction

When an EMR worker or other first responders like police, firemen or EMTs suffer addiction, fear of being found out keeps many from getting the help they need. But you can get help for your addiction as an EMR, in a first responder treatment program in Mahanoy City PA.
Programs and therapies you need as part of your emergency medical responder addiction treatment include:

First Responder Addiction Treatment in Mahanoy City, PA

If you or someone you know need first responder addiction treatment, Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA meets your privacy and recovery needs. Join other emergency medical responder and first responder personnel who share your lifestyle and struggles with addiction. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center now at 267.209.7313 for more information about available first responder treatment programs.

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