Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal?

Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal?

Heroin’s a powerful opiate. It quickly leads to addiction. Similarly, its sudden absence creates strong withdrawal symptoms. You know that detox is severe, but can you die from heroin withdrawal?

Cold Turkey vs. Medical Detox

For many people with a heroin habit, paying for rehab becomes a significant concern. They understand that they need help. However, they don’t know how to pay for it. Therefore, they try to quit using on their own.

Can heroin withdrawal be deadly? In fact, it’s possible to die from heroin withdrawal. The first withdrawal symptoms begin eight to 12 hours after your last fix. They become increasingly more severe.

Can You Die From Heroin Withdrawal?

You begin with anxiousness, sweating, and a runny nose. Over the next 24 to 48 hours, your heart rate becomes erratic. Muscles cramp and spasm. You suffer from severe vomiting and diarrhea.

At this juncture, you’re in abject pain, which usually results in relapse. If you go back to using heroin at your regular dose, you may overdose. Remember that your body isn’t accustomed to the typical quantity of the chemicals any longer. If you remain firm, there’s the danger of dehydration and subsequent organ failure.

Can You Die from Heroin Withdrawal at a Detox Facility?

Medical detoxification keeps you free from pain. You typically check in before the withdrawal symptoms begin. A therapist evaluates you, takes baseline readings, and helps you check in. You make yourself comfortable.

As withdrawal begins, so does the treatment. In fact, you don’t have to die from heroin withdrawal. Modalities include:

  • Consistent medical monitoring throughout the withdrawal process
  • IV therapy that allows for the administration of pain medication as well as fluids
  • Medication-assisted treatment that eases cravings
  • Nutritional support for strengthening and healing
  • Process group therapy that is an outlet for you as you need to express what you’re going through

Within four to seven days, you usually overcome the physical dependency on heroin. Because of the consistent medical monitoring, there’s little chance that you’ll die during withdrawal. Most importantly, you won’t have the intense cravings that might cause you to relapse. Therefore, this isn’t a risk for you at this time. You are safer in professional hands, not having to worry if you can die from heroin withdrawal.

Continue Rehab Treatment to Prevent Subsequent Relapse

There’s still the psychological addiction to deal with. Unless you work through the development of coping skills, you’re very likely to begin using again. However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. Many facilities now offer detox and rehab on the same campus, which makes the transition smooth.

So, can you die from heroin withdrawal? Without medical supervision and support, there’s a higher risk of adverse health effects. However, when you contact the admissions office at the Silver Pines Treatment Center, you can check in for medical detox. Call (866)-345-2147 today.

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