Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms During Detox

As recent news stories all over the United States indicate, every day more and more people turn to heroin when their prescription painkiller supply runs out. In fact, heroin offers a similar high at a much cheaper price. However, it also brings many dangers with it, including intense heroin withdrawal symptoms during detox.

According to CNN news, about half of people injecting heroin use prescription painkillers first.

Don’t Fear Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms, Get the Right Helpheroin withdrawal symptoms during detox

Fear of heroin withdrawal symptoms keeps many people locked in their addiction. After all, many people using heroin lose friends to overdose. However, look at the bigger picture. Many of those lost to overdose relapse after detox.

The key to not overdosing in relapse is gaining the right help immediately following detox. Although you feel physically great after cleansing the drug from your system, you still need to get to the root causes of your abuse. Otherwise, you set yourself up to relapse, too.

Therefore, what is the right help? Where do you find what you need to live freely without active heroin addiction? Specifically, you find that help in a quality rehab center.

Why Do You Need Rehab after Detox?

Heroin addiction rehab provides proven therapies, support, and services you need for lasting recovery. The Joint Commission provides its accreditation after a tough audit of the individual rehab’s offerings. This means you cannot beat the quality of accredited treatment, once you decide upon the right fit for your individual needs.

The Joint Commission (JCAHO) returns to audit these rehabs again, on an ongoing basis. Therefore, once the rehab gains accreditation, they must continue upgrading and proving the merit of what they offer. This tough qualification works to your benefit.

During auditing, the JCAHO even reviews past rehab client experience. Moreover, the harshest critics of a rehab often include people living recovery and its struggles every day. If past clients made the program work in their lives, you can too.

Finding the Right Rehab for Your Own Recovery

When looking for heroin addiction treatment centers, look for accredited programs first. For example, the highest quality of care includes:

A good example of an accredited heroin rehab program is Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA. In fact, reach out to Silver Pines Treatment Center for your best chance of recovery from heroin addiction. Call Silver Pines now at 866-345-2147.

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