ADHD Awareness Month October 2018

ADHD Awareness Month October 2018

Each fall brings greater awareness to the daily struggles of having ADHD, like through ADHD Awareness Month October 2018. This month-long observance provides events and activities across the U.S. and other countries. The events work to bring attention to the problems of ADHD and how to gain treatment for the attention disorder. One such problem needing treatment combines ADHD with addiction.

About ADHD and Addiction

Many people with ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, do not realize they suffer this condition. They only know of their daily struggles to keep up with other people, reach the same goals and live a stable life. With so many problems in daily living, it is no wonder many of these undiagnosed people turn to using drugs or alcohol in self-medication.
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Starting self-medication through drug or alcohol abuse is not usually a conscious thought. How these addictions happen usually involves someone picking up a drug or alcohol and using it the first time to feel more relaxed, social or even sleepy. But in the course of their early use, they sense something different in themselves, something they like. That sense is a feeling of being balanced in attention and energy, for the first time. This false feeling of “healing” what bothers them in daily life makes them want to use drugs or alcohol more. As more substance use takes place, tolerance sets in. Over time, tolerance leads to dependence, dependence to full-blown addiction.

Addiction and ADHD Awareness Month October 2018

If you suffer drug or alcohol addiction, or even just substance abuse without addiction yet, take advantage of the help right in front of you. For ADHD Awareness Month October 2018, honor yourself by getting help for both your drug or alcohol abuse and your ADHD. This treatment is available for any substance, including Adderall addiction rehab .

Even if you face uncertainty about whether you suffer ADHD or another mental condition, do not fear treatment. Instead, dual diagnosis rehab offers you the best chance to learn about your mental health and what conditions you face. In this type of rehab, you gain treatment for your mental condition and addiction at the same time. Only through this type of same-time, same-place rehab can you gain lasting recovery from both ADHD and addiction.

Enter Rehab Treatment in Hazleton, PA

October is just around the corner, even if you find this story in another month or year in the future, after 2018. When you suffer addiction and a mental condition, time flies as you waste your days seeking and using alcohol or drugs. You deserve a better life, one with healing and hope for lasting recovery. For example, treatment methods and therapies you need include:

In Hazleton, PA, you find these therapies and treatments at Silver Pines Treatment Center. Call Silver Pines Treatment Center now at 267.209.7313 for more information. Learn more about ADHD Awareness Month October 2018 and how rehab can change your life.

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