5 Heroin Abuse Facts in Pennsylvania [Infographic]

5 Heroin Abuse Facts in Pennsylvania [Infographic]

5 Heroin Abuse Facts in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, heroin abuse and addiction is become more prevalent. In fact, many individuals struggling with heroin and opioid overdose concerns. Read more below and learn about 5 heroin abuse facts that affect individuals across the state today.

5 Heroin Abuse Facts in Pennsylvania

5 heroin abuse facts overall.
If you are facing a heroin addiction, it’s important to seek help before it’s too late. Without proper heroin addiction treatment, you are more likely to relapse or overdose. When you try to detox on your own, triggers and stressors become more apparent in life. When these stressors become too difficult to cope with, you will likely return to drug use. This quick turn back in the wrong direction often leads to overdose. Your body has begun to wean itself off the drug, but you immediately return to the same usage as before. This is why it’s important to recognize the 5 heroin abuse facts that are raising concerns across the state.

Fatal Overdose Stats

Did you know that 85 percent of fatal overdoses in Pennsylvania are due to opioids, such as heroin. Moreover, more and more people are struggling with heroin abuse each year. From 2015 to 2017, opioid deaths have risen 37 percent across the state.

Men and Women Struggling with Heroin Overdose

There is also a difference in heroin overdose in men and women in Pennsylvania. Specifically, 70 percent of these fatal heroin overdoses were in men. Women, however, are more likely to die of an overdose involving prescription painkillers.

National Scale

On a national level, the average of fatal overdose per 100,000 people is 16.3 However, these numbers are drastically higher in Pennsylvania. Per 100,000 people, the state averages 36.5 fatal overdoses.

Heroin Abuse on the Rise

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, heroin abuse deaths have increased from 131 to 926 in Pennsylvania since 2010. These staggering numbers continue to rise each year. As a result, the importance of high quality heroin addiction treatment has never been greater.

Seek Help for Heroin Addiction Today

If you are struggling with heroin addiction in Pennsylvania, Silver Pines Treatment Center is here for you. We’ll make your sobriety and growth in recovery our top priority. With these 5 heroin abuse facts, you can learn more about the opioid epidemic and its effects in our state today. Contact us now at 267.209.7313 for more information about our heroin detox and rehab treatment programs.

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