AETNA Health Insurance in Pennsylvania

AETNA Health Insurance in

You don’t have to keep struggling with substance abuse. AETNA health insurance in Pennsylvania may pay for some or all of your rehab. Silver Pines Treatment Center offers the evidence-based modalities that can make a difference in your life. Here’s what you need to know.
Overall AETNA Health Insurance in Pennsylvania.

Insurance Now Covers Behavioral Counseling and Addiction Rehab

The Affordable Care Act acknowledges that addiction is a treatable disease. Therefore, insurers have the mandate to cover it as they would other diseases. During an addiction admissions interview, an intake specialist helps to verify insurance benefits. Because each insurer offers a wide variety of plans, payment for rehab differs, too.

About AETNA Health Insurance in Pennsylvania

AETNA is a CVS Health Company. It insures millions of people for medical, dental, and pharmacy services. Behavioral health programs are part of the various policies. Therefore, paying for addiction rehab is possible when you are a policyholder.

The Silver Pines Treatment Center routinely works with AETNA to serve its clients. As a facility with a Joint Commission accreditation, the insurer recognizes our evidence-based programs. Most importantly, each staff member holds the proper credentialing to provide expert care to you and loved ones.

Evidence-Based Treatments Help You Recover

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, therapists rely on evidence-based modalities with your AETNA insurance in Pennsylvania. They provide care that proves relevant to you and your needs. For example, this care includes:
For many program participants, trauma treatment is a vital aspect of recovery. You may have suffered an adverse situation in your youth. Maybe you encountered a traumatic experience as an adult. As a result, you now struggle with the memories and emotions that they evoke.
Switching off the thoughts is impossible. In fact, they interfere with daily living. Many people in your position use drugs or alcohol to numb themselves. Specifically, you may have fallen into the same trap.
Therefore, AETNA health insurance in Pennsylvania recognizes that you require dual diagnosis treatment and trauma care. It takes place at the same time as the addiction counseling. Because concurrent therapy helps to undo triggers, it makes recovery from substance abuse much more effective. Similarly, it can resolve one of the main reasons for reaching for a drug in the first place.

Your Employer Won’t Know About Your Treatment

Although Silver Pines Treatment Center will share your information with the insurer, it won’t release it to your employer. The AETNA health insurance in Pennsylvania needs the information to pay the fees. However, it won’t share it with your employer either. Complete confidentiality protects your good standing at work.
That said, some program participants don’t want anyone to know about their stay at rehab. That’s okay. These clients sometimes check in with an alias and pay cash instead of using insurance benefits. It’s up to you if you want to go this route.

Silver Pines Treatment Center Makes Checking in Easy

It takes courage to enter rehab. Most important, it’s a commitment. There’s no reason why it should be difficult. Our staff members strive to make it as smooth as possible.
We explain the process from start to finish. You’ll feel comfortable checking in. Similarly, you’ll relax right away at our home-like facility.
That’s why they handle all the insurance paperwork. When you struggle with chemical dependency, don’t spend time on the phone with AETNA health insurance in Pennsylvania. Contact Silver Pines Treatment Center today to handle the details. Dial 267.209.7313 now.
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