PA DUI Rehab Program

PA DUI Rehab Program

Ordinarily, you would have never thought of drinking and driving. However, you’ve been losing your struggle with an alcohol use disorder. The citation you received is a wake-up call to make changes. The PA DUI rehab program at Silver Pines could be the answer.

Did the Court Tell You to Enter Rehab?

Sometimes, a judge determines that participation in one of the Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs could be a good option. Typically, this happens to assist first-time offenders. Drug and alcohol courts try to break a cycle that consists of repeating offenses. Of course, there are also good people like you, who know that it’s time to get help.
You want to end the alcohol abuse. Because you understand the seriousness of the charges, you recognize that now is the time to make a change. Besides that, you keep waking up to withdrawal symptoms, which reminds you of the addiction. Silver Pines Treatment Center therapists want to help.

How Our PA DUI Rehab Program Could Lead to Long-Term Recovery

Our therapists assist you with the design of a treatment plan that factors in your unique needs. It starts with detoxification. An alcohol use disorder typically comes with severe withdrawal pains. Medication-assisted treatment eases the discomfort and helps you handle cravings.

Overcoming physical dependency on alcohol takes about five to seven days. As soon as you’re ready, you move over to the clinical aspect of care. Silver Pines Treatment Center specialists will have already begun some of them during the detox part of care. However, now the modalities have a tighter focus.

Examples of our PA DUI rehab program include:

  • Trauma therapy that helps you manage intrusive thoughts or unwelcome emotions from experiences in the past
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring depression or similar mental health disorders
  • Behavioral therapy that lets you develop healthy coping skills to replace dysfunctional patterns
  • Experiential therapies that give you a chance to interact with peers while sober
  • Family program participation, which allows loved ones to rebuild trust and learn to communicate openly
  • Nutritional counseling, which helps your body heal from alcohol abuse while preparing you for a healthy lifestyle after program graduation

Aftercare is an Essential Part of Rehab

Our PA DUI rehab program also includes an aftercare component. Remember that it isn’t enough merely to go through the treatments. The goal is lifelong sobriety. For many, the rehab experience is just a stepping stone.
Aftercare begins on day one of treatment. It focuses on relapse prevention. Each day, there’s a new piece to the puzzle. You learn to recognize situations that could tempt you to drink again.
At the facility, you learn to structure your day so that you avoid the temptations. For many, doing so includes the integration of fitness and a regular schedule. Others realize that they need support group meetings. For someone with a dual diagnosis, there’ll be a need for continuing therapy with a psychiatrist.

Don’t Wait for the Court to Find You a Facility You Might Not Like

Silver Pines Treatment Center provides a home-like atmosphere that lets you relax in comfort. If you make the court decide on a rehab program for you, it may not be this one. The court might send you to a hospital. There, you’ll experience higher client to therapist ratios.

Therefore, you might not receive the one-on-one attention you need. Similarly, you might not like the facility’s limitations. Contact our admissions department to learn more about your options for a stay here. You’ll find that our PA DUI rehab program meets your needs as well as the court’s requirements; dial 267.209.7313 now.

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