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Licensed Professional Addiction Treatment Center

Licensed Professional Addiction
Treatment Center

If you’re one of the approximately 23.5 million U.S. residents caught in the cycle of substance abuse, find professional addiction help. You don’t have to stay chained to addiction for the rest of your life. A licensed professional addiction treatment center like Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, PA, can help put you on the track to lifelong recovery.

Most Addictions Require Professional Treatment

If you’ve been unable to get clean on your own, you’re not alone. Most people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction must seek professional assistance in order to achieve real results. It’s difficult to stop using a mind-altering substance, particularly after long-time abuse. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve relapsed once or more while trying to get clean. A licensed professional addiction treatment center like Silver Pines Treatment Center can help you make the first step towards recovery. Rehab offers certain advantages that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The right combination of treatment programs and therapies can help make your transition towards sobriety smoother and more successful.

What You Need from Treatment

Your recovery needs are unique to you. Your history and past experiences with addiction have shaped who you are today and what you need in order to get clean. It makes sense that you need treatment that can be modified according to these needs, rather than general treatment intended for all people. A licensed professional addiction treatment center like Silver Pines Recovery Center will be able to customize a treatment plan that is right for you. If you suffer from an underlying emotional disorder, like anxiety or depression, you might need Dual Diagnosis as part of your treatment. For rehab to work, you must treat the symptoms of both your addiction and mental illness. Otherwise, the symptoms of one will likely make symptoms of the other worse and more out of control. If you’ve been abusing for long, you might also need to undergo detox services prior to beginning treatment. Supervised detox is a safe and effective method for managing withdrawal symptoms and preparing the mind for rehab. Detox specialists offer available 24/7 to help ease the burden of withdrawal symptoms and to help in the event of any unlikely but possible complication. Almost all quality Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs offer various forms of addiction therapy. Family Therapy provides an opportunity for loved ones to learn about addiction and how to stop enabling addictive behaviors. Trauma Therapy is great for individuals who have been through past traumatic events. Even if you aren’t dealing with a painful past, therapy can teach you healthier coping tools and other basic but relevant life skills to use in the future.

Our PA Rehab Can Change Your Life

If you’re ready to enroll in quality addiction treatment, Silver Pines Recovery Center near Hazleton, PA, is a great place to start. We offer a wide variety of addiction treatment services, all geared to helping our clients achieve their long-term rehabilitation goals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been abusing for a few months or for years. Our personalized treatment options can help you get sober and start building a healthy future. Our licensed professional addiction treatment center offers programs and therapies like:

The Road to Recovery Begins with a Simple Telephone Call

Don’t waste more time suffering alone with your addiction. Silver Pines Recovery Center near Hazleton, PA, can help you turn your life around for the better. Real sobriety and lasting change can be accomplished in less time than you might think. To learn more about our programs and how we can help you, contact us toll-free at 267.719.8689.
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