Mission / Vision

Mission / Vision

No one chooses to become an addict.

The root causes of addiction and substance abuse vary for every individual. Yet addiction often co-exists with mental health challenges that can originate in childhood, young adulthood or beyond, causing the unmanageable stress and despair that lead to addiction.

At Silver Pines Treatment Center, we treat not only addiction, but the underlying reasons for the addiction. To promote whole body and mind health and healing, we combine scientific and evidence-based treatment with compassionate support and understanding of the reasons for substance abuse.

Those suffering from addiction must be treated with dignity as human beings deserving of healing. A comfortable atmosphere in a natural setting just south of Hazleton, PA allows those at Silver Pines to focus on overcoming their addictions through a proven, structured treatment model in a serene environment that encourages health and wellness.

Our Approach

When you or your loved one begins treatment at Silver Pines Treatment Center, we’ll help you begin to envision the promising future ahead. When you choose Silver Pines, you’re choosing addiction treatment that includes evidence-based methods as well as holistic treatments for addiction and mental health. Working together, these therapies treat each individual as a whole, addressing not only the addiction, but the underlying cause of the illness. Some of these methods include:

In addition, individualized treatment plans are created to address the specific needs of every person who chooses substance abuse treatment at Silver Pines. Each person at Silver Pines receives the treatment that works best for their needs. These programs include:

  • Medical detox – Withdrawal symptoms often prevent people from taking the first steps to get sober. At the Detox level of care, our goal is to help you manage your withdrawal safely and comfortably while maintaining structure and accountability.
  • Residential treatment program– Our Residential Treatment program is designed to help you begin the recovery process in a safe and structured environment. Ideally, individuals should start in residential treatment to establish structure and accountability as well as to begin supervised treatment. Our residential program offers a place to begin re-learning how to live everyday life without substance abuse.
  • Holistic Treatment – In addition to traditional treatment, holistic wellness decreases anxiety and depression, addressing some of the root causes of addiction. Silver Pines offers wellness-based addiction treatment plans including mindfulness practices modeled after the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) at Massachusetts General Hospital, meditation, and physical fitness. This integrated approach towards wellness honors the whole body, playing an important role in the mental and physical changes vital to one’s recovery.

Evidence-based treatment and the promotion of self-care practices, delivered a compassionate and caring environment, allows healing and helps set the stage for long-term recovery. At Silver Pines Treatment Center, addiction and mental health treatment options encourage responsibility and accountability as well as promote a decrease in the stress response, improving resilience, increasing physical health, and providing effective strategies for a healthy life in recovery.

Silver Pines Treatment Center will help you discover the best version of yourself. If you or your loved one are suffering from an addiction, reach out for help today. You can get well again, and the excellent treatment community at Silver Pines is equipped with everything you need for whole body and mind healing. Call us today at 267.719.8689 to verify your insurance and begin on your personalized road to recovery.

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