PA Oxycodone Detox Center

PA Oxycodone Detox Center

Prescription opiates like oxycodone can quickly become unmanageable. A person starts taking them for mild to severe pain. This can spiral into uncontrollable use. Their best hope is help from a PA oxycodone detox center.

Treatment includes a safe, controlled process. Toxins from oxycodone are removed from the body. This clears the path for them to learn how to overcome the psychological and physical roots of dependence. Comprehensive care ensures a fruitful recovery.

Understanding the Addictive Nature of Oxycodone

The effects to a person’s brain chemistry makes oxycodone a very addictive drug. Moreover, it causes a flood of dopamine and endorphins in the brain. These neurotransmitters relay information to the brain. Overall, the person has strong feelings of pleasure, happiness, reward and satisfaction.

This level of euphoria goes away when oxycodone wears off. Their feelings of jubilance leave with it. In general, the person feels low and depressed without an oxycodone detox center. Their only way to regain those pleasurable feelings is to take more oxycodone. However, it takes increased amounts over time to get the same high.

Oxycodone is a popular drug of abuse for several reasons. In fact, it is easily available through prescriptions for pain relief. The same chemicals that help moderate to severe pain sufferers have the potential for addiction.

A person travels a dangerous road from prescribed use to abuse and ultimately addiction. In fact, this powerful drug is hard to control after losing a grasp on normal use.

Symptoms and Side Effects of Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone affects the body and mind in many ways. A person may go through social changes during the stages of abuse. They eventually display outward symptoms. Cravings for more oxycodone become the new priority in their life.

Problems begin to manifest at home, work and in their relationships. They lose interest in hobbies or social activities for the sake of getting high. For example, other symptoms of addiction we treat at our oxycodone detox center include:

  • Seizures
  • Dizziness
  • Weight loss
  • Stealing to get more drugs
  • Paranoia

The risk of overdose is constant as long as the person continues to abuse oxycodone. Overcoming the addiction requires treatment from a PA oxycodone rehab center. Effective services can help a person achieve sobriety.

Treatment Options at a PA Oxycodone Detox Center

Detoxing at a professional facility ensures a person remains under the care of medical professionals. Furthermore, there are a variety of safe detox settings. These places include medical clinics, centers and hospitals.

A significant benefit to undergoing detox in a professional setting is access to withdrawal medications. However, this part of the process is at the discretion of physicians. They evaluate each situation individually to determine if medications can help ease the experience.

Therapy Programs at a PA Oxycodone Detox Center

Following detox with rehabilitation programs proves beneficial for the person struggling with addiction. Rehab involves a combination of evidence-based therapies, nutritional counseling, holistic therapies, and aftercare support.

Therapy gives a person space to explore how and why their abuse of oxycodone began. Moreover, individual and group sessions reveal why they turned to this drug to cope. They begin to recognize triggers for craving more oxycodone.

In fact, nutrition and holistic therapies complete their rehab experience. A person learns the importance of stress management and self-care. Additionally, each component of their personalized treatment plan teaches relapse prevention and living sober.

Begin Your Road to Recovery with a PA Oxycodone Detox Center

Staff at Silver Pines Treatment Center understands the importance of personalized care. Specifically, our goal is to make oxycodone addiction a thing of your past.

Our residential addiction treatment program offers a comfortable environment for detox and other services such as:

Begin your journey to full recovery and overall wellness today. Call us at 267.719.8689 to learn more about how our services fit your needs.

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