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Meth Withdrawal and Detox

Meth Withdrawal and Detox

Methamphetamine is so potent that many people become addicted after one use. This drug hijacks the brain and impairs its ability to make healthy decisions. Treatment at a meth detox center can put a person back on the right track.

Their addiction caused a psychological and physical dependence that is not easy to overcome. Cravings can derail lucid moments of wanting to stop. A meth addiction treatment program helps a person break that cycle.

What is a meth detox center or methamphetamine detox center

Understanding the Effects of Meth

Feelings of euphoria, confidence, and alertness are powerful effects on the brain. Meth convinces a person they need more by going directly to the brain’s reward system area. This rush from meth is higher than the natural amounts of dopamine.

Rewiring the reward system causes meth to take over a person’s life. Every moment is spent craving and finding ways to get more. This reinforces substance abuse. Quitting is not likely without professional help.

Length of Stay at a Meth Detox Center

Each person has a different experience with detox. How long they need to stay depends on the depth of their addiction. It can take days or months for withdrawal symptoms to pass.

Withdrawing from meth occurs in two phases. The first 24 hours after the last dose are the most intense. This initial phase gradually lessens over approximately two weeks.

A person’s experience is less intense during the second phase. Their time can last for another two or three weeks.

Undergoing detoxification at a medical facility is the safest way to remove meth from the body. The person receives 24/7 monitoring for traumatic and painful meth withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms During Treatment at a Meth Detox Center

It takes time for the body to adjust to the absence of meth. Withdrawal involves a set of physical and psychological symptoms that wear off gradually. The physical symptoms go away during detox. Psychological symptoms can last long after detox and rehab treatment.

Common withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Cravings
  • Extreme hunger
  • Exhaustion but unable to sleep
  • Psychosis
  • Mental fog
  • Severe depression

Symptoms vary from person to person. The severity of meth withdrawal also varies based on a number of factors. Amount, frequency, and length of time a person used meth affects their withdrawal experience. Using other substances and having mental health problems are other factors to consider.

Treatment at a Meth Detox Center

Deciding to quit using meth is a very important step. Overall, the recovery process is not likely to be successful without this commitment. Support at a professional treatment center increases the chances for lasting recovery.

Withdrawal and detox are extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, rarely can a person fully recover from trying to quit alone. These experiences pose a danger to the person’s health. However, a trusted rehab facility gives them a safe space to rid their body of this ravishing drug.

Detoxification is usually the first part of treatment for meth addiction. Getting methamphetamine out of the person’s system clears the path for rehab. This gives a person the chance to focus on issues that led to their drug use and addiction.

Seize the Opportunity to Begin Again

Entering a meth detox center is an essential step towards recovering from a methamphetamine addiction. The team of professionals at Silver Pines Treatment Center specializes in helping you break the cycle. Our residential rehab program begins with detox and continues with aftercare support for relapse prevention. Your treatment program occurs in a home-like atmosphere so your body and mind can safely adjust. We have amenities that provide a holistic approach to recovery. For example, these include: Don’t remain a prisoner to meth. Come to our meth detox center to become whole again. Our specialists are waiting at 267.719.8689 for you to make that life-changing call.
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