Benzo Detox Hazleton PA Can Count On

Benzo Detox Hazleton PA Can
Count On

Doctors prescribe benzodiazepines, or benzos, for anxiety disorders and panic attacks. They are highly effective medications. However, these drugs also have an abuse potential. When you’re ready to quit, you need the benzo detox Hazleton PA locals have come to trust.
benzo detox Hazleton PA can rely on

Thinking of Withdrawing Cold Turkey by Yourself? Think Again!

What sets apart the withdrawal process for benzos from that of other drugs is the length of the detox period. Moreover, one of the reasons is that this class of drugs treats a mental health condition. When you suddenly quit, it may bring back symptoms. In fact, it might bring them back stronger than before.

Seeking out help from the benzo detox Hazleton PA counts on makes the most sense. When you work with experts in the field of addiction recovery, you receive the care you need to ease discomfort. Moreover, you get help with handling a worsening of your anxiety symptoms. Withdrawing cold-turkey by yourself doesn’t offer these benefits.

For example, typical withdrawal symptoms may include muscle cramps and twitches. Your cognitive abilities feel like they’re up and down. Furthermore, you may experience depression and extreme agitation.

What Happens at the Benzo Detox Hazleton PA Can Count On?

Exactly what happens during detoxification? Many people don’t talk about it. However, there’s no mystery to it. For starters, you talk to an intake counselor about your drug abuse. In a relaxing, friendly environment, you discuss your drug history. Moreover, be open and honest about dosing and frequency of use. From there, the expert can customize a treatment protocol for you. For example, possible treatment approaches may include: It’s usually a good idea to undergo detox programs at facilities that also offer rehab onsite. Specifically, the move from medical to clinical care should be a smooth transition. If too much time elapses between the two, you are at a higher risk of relapse. Nevertheless, preventing this from happening is possible when working with the right substance abuse treatment program.

A Word on Polydrug Abuse

Do you abuse more than one drug? Benzos are among the substances that people tend to mix with other substances. For example, someone abusing benzos may also be drinking alcohol. To counteract some of the sedative effects, you might be taking stimulants in the daytime.

This setup results in a polydrug abuse problem. You need help with the benzo addiction, but you also need assistance for the abuse of other substances. Therefore, it’s best to address these potential problems during the initial drug detox. When therapists know they’re dealing with multiple addictions, they can pinpoint your specific treatment.

Of course, having multiple addictions also affects the rehab you undergo later on. Once again, customization of the experience is a crucial component to regaining your sobriety. It’ll allow you a fresh start as you return home.

Sign up for Help Today

Participating in the benzo detox Hazleton PA relies on is easy. In fact, Silver Pines Treatment Center can handle every aspect of the detoxification process. You don’t have to keep worrying about taking a drug that’s hurting you. Call 267.209.7313 today for immediate access to an intake counselor.
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