Stimulant Addiction Rehab For Young Adults

Stimulant Addiction Rehab For
Young Adults

Unfortunately, stimulant addiction is a fairly common problem. While there are legal stimulants, some teenagers abuse these prescriptions or resort to using illegal drugs. Whether the stimulants are from a doctor or a dealer, they can quickly cause an addiction. In stimulant addiction rehab, you learn how to overcome the challenges of substance abuse in your life.

How Stimulants Work

Stimulants are a type of drugs that impact the nervous system. They make the body produce more dopamine. This causes the individual to feel more alert. It increases their blood pressure, heart rate and alertness.

Normally, doctors give teenagers stimulants when they suffer from hyperactivity disorders or sleep problems. Teenagers may also receive prescription stimulants for severe cases of depression. Since these are habit-forming drugs, individuals must use them according to the prescription.

Teenagers may steal stimulants, but they may also buy them from a friend. They may take the drug as a pill or by injecting liquid versions of the drug. When someone tries to quit, they may go through withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, headaches and insomnia.

The Signs and Symptoms of a Stimulant Addiction

Unfortunately, most young adults will not tell anyone that they need stimulant addiction rehab. Loved ones may realize that there is a problem after noticing different changes in the individual’s behavior and health.

Once someone has a stimulant addiction, they may start stealing drugs, buying stimulants online or visiting multiple doctors to fuel their addiction. They may engage in deceptive behavior, lying or impulsive behavior. Loved ones may notice sudden increases in energy or angry outbursts.

Physically, the individual may suffer from a rapid heartbeat, weight loss, skin issues, sweating or elevated blood pressure. They may have changes in their eating habits. The individual may develop paranoia, hyperfocus, delusions, confusion or racing thoughts. They may also become anxious, depressed or aggressive.

Why Do Young Adults Use Stimulants?

Young adults may experiment with stimulants in the same way that they experiment with drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, teenagers and college students use stimulants as a study drug. They may use stimulants to increase their focus as they study for a big test or a final exam. However, stimulant addiction rehab can help young adults back onto the right path.

Adderall addiction is a common problem because of its popularity. Like Ritalin, young adults may use Adderall to stay up all night studying. Because of the academic pressures teenagers and young adults face, they can be at risk for this kind of addiction. Unfortunately, many young adults also lack accurate information about the side effects and addictive nature of stimulants.

How Do They Affect the Body?

Stimulants can cause a lasting effect on the human body. They are especially dangerous if someone has a history of high blood pressure, heart disease or psychiatric issues. When someone abuses stimulants, it can cause paranoia suicidal thoughts, psychosis or mania.

Physically, the individual may feel dizziness, nervousness or anxiety. It can increase their heartbeat or cause an irregular heartbeat. Stimulants can also cause headaches, tremors, insomnia, an elevated body temperature and restlessness. In severe cases, they can lead to heart failure and seizures.

Finding the Right Stimulant Addiction Rehab

Once someone has an addiction to stimulants, it is important to get help right away. Young adults can get addiction education and treatment at a rehab center. At the treatment center, they can safely go through the withdrawal process during detox. The treatment center may also offer other programs such as:

No one deserves the lasting pain of an addiction. The right stimulant addiction rehab can help you begin your journey toward a safe, happy recovery. To find out how you can start your sobriety today, call the Silver Pines Treatment Center at 267.209.7313.

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