Do You Have a Depressant Drug Addiction?

Do You Have a Depressant Drug

Doctors prescribe depressants for various reasons. You might get a prescription to decrease muscle spasms or to induce drowsiness. This medication is also prescribed to relieve anxiety or prevent seizures. Taking them for more than the original reason can lead to depressant drug addiction.

Health risks can occur from taking this drug outside explicit medical guidance. Depressants can affect your mind and body. You could also get entangled with the consequences of drug abuse and need help to overcome.

Depressant Drug Addiction

Side Effects from Abusing Depressants

Some people choose to purposely abuse depressants. They are attracted to the temporary sense of wellbeing these drugs create. Others may start with a prescription and begin unintentionally taking the drugs outside prescribed guidelines.

You may find yourself in one of these categories or somewhere in between. Either way, developing a depressant drug addiction causes physical and psychological damage. Some side effects of abusing this drug include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Decrease breathing
  • Impairment in judgement
  • Slurry speech
  • Dizziness

Combining multiple depressants intensifies the side effects. Chances of damaging the heart, lungs and brain also increase.

People who abuse depressants are at risk for developing a tolerance, which eventually leads to dependence. This requires taking large doses to get the same effects and function normally.

Signs That You Have a Depressant Drug Addiction Problem

The most prominent sign that you have a problem with depressants is taking them outside a doctor’s prescribed guidelines. For example, this could mean taking depressants like benzodiazepines recreationally to escape life’s troubles.

If so, you could have a benzo addiction that manifests through mood swings or a decrease in productivity at work. You may also have a problem if you try to hide your behavior from the people who love you.

Excessive use is dangerous and can lead to an overdose and/or death. Further, mixing depressants with alcohol adds more risk to your health and safety.

You should seek help from a quality treatment facility if any of these things sound familiar.

Treatments for an Addiction to Depressants

Treatment for a depressant drug addiction comes in many forms. However, there is no one-size-fits-all path to recovery. Tailoring a plan for your individual needs improves your chances of getting better.

Specifically, experts strongly recommend medically-assisted detox program to begin recovering from an addiction. Supervised management of withdrawal symptoms helps to ensure your safety as the body cleanses itself of the drug.

Addressing this immediate need may involve different activities. The addiction treatment specialist may give you medication to help with physical discomfort and cravings. Medical monitoring continues while you also receive a diet plan that supports your nutritional needs during this time.

Inpatient treatment continues with therapy sessions where you learn how to lead a healthy, sober life. Drug addiction alters brain functions, especially after prolonged use. You will need nonjudgmental space to learn how to cope without giving into cravings.

Get Ongoing Recovery to Change Your Life

Silver Pines Treatment Center near Hazleton, Pennsylvania can assist you with beginning the journey to recovery. Moreover, we provide residential detox to defeat your depressant drug addiction. Treatment continues with personalized therapies and holistic activities.

For example, our addiction treatment facility has programs to support a variety of addictions such as:

We also understand the importance of aftercare programs to help you with your ongoing recovery. Even during rehab, you can create long lasting habits that add routine and structure. Both are necessary to defeat the urge to relapse long after you leave our treatment facility.
That is why we support your recovery from the moment you call our center for help. We are here to help you overcome depressant drug addiction. In fact, do not think you have to do this alone. Our expert staff awaits your call. Contact us at 267.719.8689 to get started on a healthy, happier journey today

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