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What is Psychotherapy?

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When enrolling in addiction treatment, you frequently see psychotherapy as a modality. What is psychotherapy? How could it help you? Most importantly, what does this care approach look like?

What is Psychotherapy in Addiction Rehab?

In general terminology, you hear about psychotherapy as one-on-one talk therapy. Specifically, it’s a non-invasive form of individual counseling. Typically, it takes place in a psychologist’s office. As part of Pennsylvania addiction treatment programs, it can take on multiple appearances.

For example, psychotherapy will work in combination with:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which involves the care of underlying mental health disorders
  • Family therapy as a way to restore trust, rebuild communication, and repair damaged relationships
  • Trauma therapy, which encourages you to find a healthy way of processing an adverse event from the past

Psychotherapy Can’t Stand Alone

It’s tempting to look to talk therapy as the primary tool for helping you recover from chemical dependency. However, that’s only partially correct. What is psychotherapy but one of the modalities that work together to affect healing? For some program participants, it may take a backseat to other care approaches.

Therefore, therapists never rely on talk therapy alone to overcome substance abuse. They typically combine it with alternative approaches. These might include yoga, nutrition education, meditation, or massage.

Combination of Treatment Approaches

Everyone’s journey out of addiction’s different. What helps one person might not affect another one. Therefore, therapists offer a broad range of treatment methods along with psychotherapy. It ensures that there’s something for everyone to respond to.

The goal of the combination of therapeutic interventions is the understanding of what triggers you. Similarly, you come face to face with your stress limits. From there, you develop a healthy set of life and coping skills. It empowers you to handle your triggers differently going forward.

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