Drug Rehab Scranton PA

Drug Rehab Scranton PA

Are you looking for a drug rehab Scranton PA can count on? If you or someone you love suffers addiction and needs help, Silver Pines Treatment Center provides the therapies, education, and support you need for lasting recovery. However, you have to take the first step toward rehab, to gain the life you really want. Therefore, what should you expect from rehab treatment and will it truly improve your life while ending your addiction?

Drug Rehab Scranton PA Trusts

If you live a life of addiction, you may know many people with similar problems. This means you hear stories of people going to rehab, but leaving early or relapsing right after treatment. Moreover, you even hear of overdose and the devastating effects of this disease.

Therefore, how do you find a drug rehab Scranton PA trusts, one known for giving people a real second chance in life? You find the best programs by looking for Joint Commission accreditation. When a drug rehab Scranton PA offers or elsewhere gains accreditation from the Joint Commission, you know they can help you overcome addiction with proven treatment.

What is Accreditation by the Joint Commission

Accreditation by the Joint Commission is a lengthy, difficult process of auditing and review by this nonprofit accrediting body. In fact, the Joint Commission exists solely to review health care and behavioral treatment organizations, awarding the best facilities and programs with their coveted gold seal.

When you see the gold seal of the Joint Commission on a rehab program’s website, you know that facility works hard for its clients’ success in recovery. The program has gone through intense processes of auditing with all aspects of their programs, therapies, staff, and facilities reviewed. Furthermore, the Joint Commission looks for excellence in meeting client needs, such as providing the best mix of therapies for long-term recovery. The gold seal also means past clients gained successful recovery and provided positive reviews of the program’s offerings.

Finding the gold seal of Joint Commission accreditation means you found a drug rehab Scranton PA trusts. In addition, it’s a program you can trust for your recovery, too. Silver Pines Treatment Center in Hazleton, PA holds Joint Commission accreditation and is proud to serve the recovery community.

What You Need From Drug Rehab for Lasting Recovery

For your own lasting recovery, you need a broad set of therapies, educational sessions, and support from your rehab facility. When you choose Silver Pines Treatment Center, you gain the benefit of accredited methods, services and programs. For example, these include:

Silver Pines Treatment Center’s accreditation proves we provide quality programs and effective treatment. However, what else do you need for real, lasting recovery?

Inpatient or Residential Treatment for Solid Focus

A residential or inpatient rehab program provides the highest quality of addiction treatment. When you enter an inpatient or residential program, you live at the facility while you gain the therapies and other services you need. Additionally, living at the facility ensures you have complete focus on what matters most. You suffer no distractions from stress, work, family, or friends.

Residential rehab gives you a safe place to learn about your addiction and gain coping skills. In fact, you won’t experience triggers and temptations in treatment. You have a safe, structured, and secure place to live and sleep while you focus your energies exclusively toward ending your addiction and rebuilding your life.

If you seek lasting recovery, turn to inpatient treatment in PA. Silver Pines Treatment Center provides addiction treatment programs for your best chance of success. Your individual treatment planning and support begin as soon as you call for more information about available programs.

Call Silver Pines Treatment Center now at 267.719.8689. You can live the life you truly want and deserve. Make this call to start your journey to recovery.

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