Why Family Members Should Be Involved in the Recovery Process

Why Family Members Should Be Involved in the Recovery Process

The Benefits of Family Support in Addiction Recovery

When someone has a loved one that struggles with substance abuse, they might be at a bit of a loss regarding how to help. It’s natural for people to feel hopeless when it comes to their relative’s addiction, but they may hold more power than they realize. In fact, family participation and support is the key to any successful addiction recovery process.

How Addiction Impacts Families

In most cases, substance abuse affects more than just the person who has the condition. Spouses, children, parents, and siblings could all be impacted by addiction in different ways. Family members of those with addictions typically experience pain, confusion, and frustration because of their loved one’s disorder. Substance abuse has the power to weaken communication between family members and even change family dynamics.
When one member of the family has an addiction, conflict is relatively normal. Lies may be told, possessions could be taken, and trust might be broken. Because of what substance abuse does to the brain, addiction could break even the closest of family bonds. Some people may begin to not even recognize their loved one any more because of how addiction has taken them over. Families could even become completely estranged because of what someone’s substance abuse has put them through. Having a loved one with a substance abuse disorder can be extremely difficult, but it is important for family members to remember that their loved one has a disease. Addiction can be aggressive and hurtful, but it can also be treated and cured. It usually can not be treated however, without encouragement from loved ones. With the right treatment and family support, individuals can begin to recover and overcome their addiction.

The Next Step: Substance Abuse Treatment

If you are close with a loved one who has a substance abuse disorder, you may be able to talk to them and help them get the help they need. But if you don’t have a close relationship or your family member is refusing help, you either have to wait until they get help on their own or intervene if the situation becomes serious.

Enrolling in a rehabilitation program means that someone is dedicated to getting better. The journey is certainly not easy, but it is worth it to help individuals understand and beat their addiction. Once someone enrolls, recovery specialists will design a treatment plan that is suited to their condition and their needs. Treatment will usually include a combination of methods like medication, education, support groups, one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and more.

The Role Family Plays in the Recovery Process

Loved ones play a major role in the recovery process because family members can help individuals with addictions achieve and maintain their sobriety. Most rehab programs involve family counseling and support groups that require bringing a loved one. Discussing what the family has been through usually helps a person in recovery explain their behaviors and make amends with their loved ones. Involving family in the recovery process can not only help someone become sober, but it can reestablish connections and relationships. Participating in a loved one’s recovery can also help family members answer any questions they might have about addiction, recovery, and how to help after the program is over.

Supporting a Loved One Throughout Recovery

If you have a family member going through recovery, the most important thing to remember is to take care of yourself. If you aren’t looking after yourself, you won’t be able to offer quality help to your loved one. You might want to consider even going to therapy on your own or joining a support group for individuals with family members who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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