When to Seek Residential Detox

When to Seek Residential Detox

A drug habit doesn’t get better by itself. In fact, it’s not a phase you’re going through that’ll self-correct. You need to get help. Therefore, do you know when to seek residential detox treatment and what to expect there?  


What Keeps People From Detox?

For many, there’s a fear of the unknown. Specifically, they don’t know what to expect from a residential treatment program. Others are ashamed. They believe they got themselves into this situation, and now they need to get themselves out of it.

However, it’s important to know when to seek a residential detox. You might believe that you’re the only one with a drug or alcohol problem. Everyone else seems to be able to do fine even if they’re using. Of course, you know that’s not exactly true. However, you keep putting off the detox.

When to seek residential detox treatment

When to Seek Residential Detox for a Drug or Alcohol Problem

Today’s a good day to get help. In fact, substance abuse is a disease. That said, nobody’s addiction is so minute that it doesn’t require intervention.

As such, you need to undergo the treatment that helps you heal. The cold turkey approach of quitting the abuse at home is typically a bad idea. Some drug withdrawals come with a broad range of dangerous side effects. Moreover, the risk of relapsing is much bigger when you try to quit on your own at home.

What Happens at Detox?

First, you check into the facility. You talk to a friendly intake counselor who asks you about your health, drug habit, and needs. There’s nothing this professional hasn’t heard already. Therefore, don’t be shy; talk about your drug abuse problem.

Based on your information, the counselor now determines the right program setup. It’s possible for medical complications to arise, so you’ll undergo around-the-clock monitoring. Furthermore, pharmacological support prevents you from feeling pain and overwhelming cravings. Over the course of a week to ten days, you break the drug’s physiological hold on you. Knowing when to seek residential detox will help you break free quicker.

Moving on to Rehab

You can’t enter a residential treatment program until you finish detox. Therefore, if you want to enter a rehab facility next month, you need to begin detox today. When you make the move, you undergo a variety of treatments that help you break the psychological dependency. For example, possible therapeutic interventions include:

Reaching Out for Help

Think about when to seek residential detox. You’ve promised yourself for so long that you’ll quit. However, fear of the unknown has kept you coming back for more of the drugs or alcohol. With the help of the Silver Pines Treatment Center, you can take that step. Dial 267.209.7313 today to learn more about our programs.

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