What Is Office-Based Opioid Treatment?

What Is Office-Based Opioid Treatment?

There are many different types of treatment methods designed to help individuals with addiction and abuse disorders. Office-Based Opioid Treatment, specifically, is an emerging type of outpatient treatment that was created to keep patients comfortable in a primary care environment.

The Definition of Office-Based Opioid Treatment

ffice-Based Opioid Treatment, which is more commonly referenced as its acronym OBOT, is a type of outpatient service that is offered outside of license opioid treatment programs and facilities. It can be provided by clinicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and licensed clinical social workers to individuals who suffer from opioid addiction.
Office-based opioid treatment
Essentially, OBOT entails using certain medications to help treat opioid use and addiction. The Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 allowed physicians to apply for a waiver to administer this type of treatment in their own offices.

What Happens During an OBOT Program?

Office-Based Opioid Treatment is typically administered in physicians’ primary care offices or medical practices and is combined with other types of medical and psychosocial treatments in the interest of permanent recovery. This type of treatment typically uses prescription medications like buprenorphine, naltrexone, or methadone. The most common type of medication used in OBOT is buprenorphine, which is a Schedule III opioid.

Benefits of Office-Based Opioid Treatment

A majority of individuals who have done Office-Based Opioid Treatment have had positive and constructive experiences. When compared with types of addiction treatments that don’t utilize medication, OBOT improves six month treatment engagement. Additionally, this type of treatment could come with the following benefits:
  • OBOT provides a more private treatment experience for individuals
  • It promotes addiction treatment in a primary care setting and reduces the stigma
  • OBOT gives individuals with opioid addictions expanded access to treatment
  • Clinicians and physicians are more likely to get proper payment for treatment
  • OBOT reduces the number and intensity of opioid cravings
  • It reduces the rate of illicit opioid use and mortality
While Office-Based Opioid Treatment comes with a variety of benefits for individuals with opioid use disorders or addictions, it is important to note that this treatment method utilizes a medication that could also cause dependence. If you have an extensive history with addiction, you may want to consider a treatment option that doesn’t require medication.

Is OBOT Right For You?

While this type of treatment is becoming more popular throughout the United States, OBOT is still regulated by some states. Your state’s individual laws will determine your access to these types of programs. If you are considering Office-Based Opioid Treatment for yourself or a loved one, talk to your doctor first about whether or not their type of treatment is best for you and your family. While starting treatment should be approached with caution, it must also happen in a timely manner. Addiction treatment needs to happen as soon as possible for the safety of the individual, so you should consider alternative treatment options if there are too many barriers keeping you from receiving timely Office-Based Opioid Treatment.
Are you interested in learning more about Office-Based Opioid Treatment? Our team of substance abuse treatment specialists can help you decide if this treatment method is the right option for you. Contact us at 267.209.7313.


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