What is Lifeskills Training?

What is Lifeskills Training?

Most people think of rehab as a time when people sit in groups and talk about abusing drugs or alcohol. However, that’s just a small aspect of the care you receive when you enroll. Other therapeutic interventions involve a strong relapse prevention component as well as lifeskills training. What is lifeskills training, and how does it benefit you when you overcome an addiction? 

How Life Skills Factor into Lifelong Sobriety

When you abuse drugs or alcohol, your life turns upside down. Moreover, you lose a variety of social and personal skills that you need to relearn. If you wait to do so on your own, you may encounter boredom, anxiety, and frustration. These are, of course, serious risk factors for relapse. The same is valid for life skills. They range from your ability to build and maintain a healthy friendship to handling responsibilities that come with living independently. Overlook them during rehab, and you may not be ready to move on after treatment. For this reason, what is lifeskills training and how can you utilize this during rehab?

What is Lifeskills Training

Specifically What is Lifeskills Training?

As you undergo behavioral therapy in rehab, your therapist notes what life skills you might be missing. For example, you may require practical coping tools to handle daily frustrations and challenges. Another significant need is the development of a daily routine. Furthermore, boredom can lead to relapse.

During group therapy sessions and experiential therapies, counselors help you to develop these skills. You learn how to structure your day so that you meet your responsibilities, but also take care of yourself. In addition, you undergo nutritional counseling that protects you from developing cravings for drugs or alcohol. Classes on financial responsibility provide you with a framework for budgeting and using money wisely.

In fact, the goal of the training is the creation of a stable environment. You want there to be predictability. As such, it’s a complete antithesis to living with a drug habit. For example, lifeskills training ties in with other modalities such as:

How to Receive Optimum Care

Choose a facility that offers detoxification and clinical care on the same campus. It minimizes relapse that typically happens when there’s too much of a break between detox and rehab. Gender-specific care opportunities are a plus as well. While you do not need single-sex treatment settings, there should be minimal contact.

What is lifeskills training if not your ticket to return to a better life? At Silver Pines Treatment Center, experts in addiction treatment understand its critical importance to healing. Therefore, don’t you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this expertise today? Call 267.209.7313 for immediate assistance.

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