What is Carfenanil? The Facts.

What is Carfenanil? The Facts.

Carfentanil Facts, Side Effects, & Risks

Almost every type of illegal drug or misused prescription medication has “street” names. “Street” names are nicknames for drugs that are shorter or easier to say than the original name. These nicknames may reference what a drug does to the body, how it is used, how it makes someone feel, or the impact it has. They are also used in conversation to hide the fact that an individual is discussing illegal drugs. Terms for drugs are typically used by teenagers and young adults who are obtaining these substances illegally.
While these names can be helpful in some cases, they can also be confusing. For example, one of the most extreme and dangerous illicit drugs on the market is better known as an “elephant tranquilizer.” The name alone is somewhat silly and jovial, but it accurately describes the serious and powerful impact that the drug can have. In fact, elephant tranquilizers have been causing an increased amount of overdoses and deaths in the United States over the past few years.
Since the name can be confusing, we’re breaking down all the details about elephant tranquilizers. Keep reading to learn more about what this drug is, why it has this nickname, how it affects the body, and more.

What Is the Elephant Tranquilizer Drug?

Carfentanil, which is actually used as a tranquilizer for elephants and other large mammals, is a toxic synthetic opioid that has worked its way into the illegal drug market and contributed to the nationwide opioid epidemic. People may take elephant tranquilizers either purposely or accidentally. Some individuals, for example, who seek a more powerful drug may decide to use carfentanil recreationally. They will probably shortly realize, however, that elephant tranquilizers do not produce pleasant effects.
In some cases, dealers will disguise carfentanil as heroin to bulk up batches for greater profit. A majority of people who take elephant tranquilizers consume them without even realizing it. This can be extremely dangerous considering the potentially fatal side effects of carfentanil. Elephant tranquilizers make users feel sedated and disoriented within a few minutes after taking it. Other symptoms include drowsiness, difficulty breathing, and clammy skin.

Elephant Tranquilizer Risks & Dangers

Ultimately, carfentanil use is very likely to lead to serious issues like extreme seizures, overdose, and death. If you consume any dose of this substance, you are very likely to overdose. Elephant tranquilizers are so powerful that they are said to be 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl. And since this drug is used to sedate large mammals, it clearly should not be consumed by humans. It can stop a person’s breathing and heart almost instantly, killing them on contact in most cases. Even though this substance is extremely deadly, it is actually difficult to detect in the body.

Treatment for Carfentanil Use

Since carfentanil almost always leads to death and is difficult to detect in the body, there aren’t many unique treatment options available for abuse of this substance. Naloxone may work for individuals who are overdosing from elephant tranquilizers, but it is not guaranteed to be successful. Naloxone should be administered every 2-3 minutes until medical help arrives or the person’s breathing is back to normal.
To learn more about elephant tranquilizers and treatment options, contact our team of substance abuse treatment professionals by calling 267.209.7313.


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