What Is Angel Dust?

What Is Angel Dust?

The Technical Term

Angel dust is a slang term for a mind-altering drug called Phencyclidine (PCP for short). PCP is an illegal psychedelic that is known as an NMDA, or a receptor antagonist. It commonly causes hallucinations and can distort someone’s perception of reality. Using the drug is likely to compromise one’s mood, sensory abilities, and thought patterns.

Other Names for PCP

Angel dust is just one of the many street names for PCP. You may here these other terms being used to describe the hallucinogen:
  • Elephant tranquilizer
  • Hog
  • Ozone
  • Embalming fluid
  • Wack
  • Killer joints
  • Rocket fuel
  • PeaCe pill
  • Supergrass
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Knowing the different terms for Phencyclidine may help you understand or pick up on any conversation that addresses the drug. Below are some more things you may want to know if you think someone you know could be using or abusing Angel Dust.

Angel Dust Fast Facts

While angel dust was once widely used for recreational purposes, use has been said to go down over the past several decades. Here’s how it started and where it is now:
  • Created in the 1950s as an anesthetic in the medical industry — called Sernyl
  • Discontinued for human use after reports of side effects: agitation, mania, hallucinations, and irrational thinking
  • S. manufacturing for medical use suspended in 1979
  • Ketamine was developed to replace PCP after it was discontinued
  • Still made illegally, mostly in the Southern California part of the United States
  • Now known as a Schedule II controlled substance
 People who use this drug may know some of these facts, as well as how to illegally obtain angel dust. Here are some ways that people may buy and administer PCP:

How People Use PCP

Angel dust in its original form is a white, bitter powder that dissolves in water or alcohol. But amid its recreational use, it’s been taken in multiple ways.

Can be obtained as a:

  • Colored powder
  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Spray
  • Liquid

Can be administered by:

  • Snorting
  • Smoking
  • Injection
  • Swallowing
  • Sprayed on mint, parsley, marijuana
  • Dipping marijuana joints in liquid
The side effects of using angel dust could be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening if abused, so why do people choose to use the drug for recreational purposes?

Why People May Use Angel Dust

People who get angel dust illegally typically use it to achieve a certain type of high — one that:
  • Causes hallucinations
  • Leads to detachment from themselves and their surroundings
  • Mimics release of serotonin
  • Blocks memory, emotions, & pain
Angel dust can easily become addictive, so it’s important for someone to seek treatment as soon as they or someone close to them notices the drug abuse.

Treatment for PCP Abuse

Someone who is using angel dust may not realize if they have a problem right away, so it may be a good idea to seek help from a trained individual if you think or know that someone you love is taking PCP.
The first step to recovery from angel dust is enrolling in group therapy. Those trying to overcome angel dust abuse should also have consistent support, participate in individual therapy, develop drug-free skills, and have medical supervision at a rehabilitation center.
If you think that someone you know may be using or abusing angel dust, call our team or professionals at 267.209.7313 .

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